How to Choose Regular Fit Shirt

Regular Fit Shirt

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When it comes to fashion options, men are limited to just a few choices. This makes it all the more important to have the perfect shirt which is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Getting the perfect fit with off-the-rack shirts can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look out for. That’s why we’ve put together this blog to help you choose the perfect fit every time. 

What is a Regular Fit Shirt

These shirts are basically the crossover vehicle of clothing. Why choose between appearance and comfort when you can have the best of both worlds? A regular-fit shirt provides both comfort and style. It’s generally neither too tight nor too loose and gives a classic timeless look. They are generally defined by their straight cut through the body and sleeves with a modern amount of ease around the waist and chest. 

Compared to other cuts like slim fit and relaxed fit, regular fit shirts are more versatile and suitable for a variety of body types. Slim-fit shirts tend to hug the body closely while relaxed-fit shirts are looser and more relaxed but can give the impression of looking sloppy if too loose. The regular fit shirt is a happy compromise between the two. 

Due to the looser fit, the regular fit shirt allows you to move freely without any restriction which makes it suitable for a number of different activities. Men who work outdoors but still want to look reasonably presentable can opt for regular-fit shirts as it doesn’t interfere with their ability to perform most tasks. 

When the day is done and you need to attend a formal occasion, a regular fit shirt will ‘fit right in’ with other more formal fashion. Just the simple switching of your shoes, belt or pants can turn your casual work attire into a formal evening outfit. 

How to Choose the Right Shirt

When choosing the right shirt, the first step is to understand your body type. This will help in determining the best fit for your body which is either slim fit, regular fit or relaxed fit. The common body types for men are…

  • Athletic: Broad shoulders, defined chest and arms, and a narrow waist
  • Slender: Lean with minimal muscle definition
  • Stocky: Short, broad frame with a high level of muscle definition
  • Rectangular: No distinct waistline and similar proportions in the chest, waist and hips
  • Pear-shaped: Wider hips and thighs with a narrower chest and waist

When you’ve determined your body type, you will need to take measurements of your body accurately to determine what would fit you best. Start by measuring your neck, chest and waist then hips to get a good idea of your proportions. You can use a tape measure yourself or ask someone to assist you. 

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