How to Consume Ghee in Routine

Consumption of ghee

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There are many of you who want to add up a healthy routine. Well, if you feel that you do not get the energy to do things and you feel weak then you must add up ghee in your routine. Of course, you can get pure cow ghee that keeps you healthy and energetic too. You can check out Bilona ghee and you would love it. But your consumption of ghee should not be too much. you must be followed by the question like how would you add up ghee in your routine right? Well, different people consume ghee differently and some fo the commonest ways are like:

Consumption of ghee Ghee in Milk

There are many people who love to take a spoon of ghee in their milk. Whenever they drink milk in a day, they simply put and stir a spoon full of ghee in that. In this way, the milk becomes thicker and tastier. And hence, the consumer gets the health out of it. But of course, it should be taken in a limit only. Even the best things if not taken in a limit can turn out to be harmful. No matter you drink cold ghee or warm, you can take some ghee in that. But preferably, hot milk has better taste with ghee.

Ghee in Curries

There are different types of curries that you eat in your day today life. Whether dals, cheese, or anything else; you can be sure that you give a tadka of ghee. Instead of putting the oil in the vegetable or curry, you can try out ghee. It would not just get the dish a refined layer or charm and tang but also ensure that you feel great about it. There are many dishes that instantly get scrumptious and rich in their nature with the addition of ghee. Of course, you would get health, taste, and richness too.

It is Not Smelly

If you feel that ghee is smelly and all, then you are wrong. You have no idea that ghee is really tasty and rich by nature. You can be sure that you take ghee that is not smelling bad. Cow ghee would be a good choice for you. You can be certain that you feel the pleasure of ghee without any smell.  You can also put the ghee in different ways in your diet. For example, if you love to eat toasts and bread;  make sure that you apply the ghee on them and eat. In this way, you can experience a lot of pleasure for sure. Then, if you like to eat  parathas , you can put ghee on them too. It is all about you becoming creative at using it.


So, you must try out desi cow bilona ghee and you would love it for sure. The taste and flavour the ghee would add in your dishes and beverages would be absolutely great. And of course, your health is gong to get refiner too. But yes, as said before, make sure that you keep a check on your consumption of ghee. It should not be too much ghee.

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