How To Develop A Strategic Giving Plan?


Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Individuals have been driven to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic- by helping people suffering through this crisis, participating in the campaign for social equality, and supporting candidates in a once-in-a-lifetime campaign during the year 2021. As a result, charity donors are taking a stand in entirely new ways.

Any charity has the power to change people’s lives. However, with so many options for donating, you might wonder if you’re making the best decisions for your priorities, time, and cost. Creating a strategic giving plan can significantly help in this situation.

What Exactly Is A Strategic Giving Strategy?

A strategic giving plan is an elevated structure that connects your most essential principles to your charitable giving. Using your principles as a reference not only allows you to understand where you want to target your charitable giving all through the year, but it also allows you to make judgments when responsive giving opportunities arise. So that you remain on course, you’ll need an excellent technique to evaluate each possibility and link it to your plan.

How To Make A Giving Strategy

1. Focus on your problems and goals

Consider the issues and concerns you supported in the last year. Examine the charters of the organizations to which you are committed. You also have to analyse your principles but also determine where you wish to have an effect with your contributions over your lifetime.

2. Make a financial decision

The next stage is to decide how much you wish to give. You’ll want to consider how you want to spend your donations this year once you’ve examined your financial status and settled on an overall budget. 

3. Extend your understanding of the term “giving”

The next step in making a strategy is to consider the work you’d like to conduct in addition to monetary offerings. It can include giving away some assets or helping people in kind in any other feasible way.

4. Talk about your values with your family

It’s a beautiful idea to get your family together to share your thoughts and discuss them. You can share your deals, set a ton of activities with the children, and have them complete them independently. You can even put aside a portion of your donation money as pool money to give jointly with your family.

5. Make a schedule for when you’ll give

Charitable organizations understand that the end of the year is when most donations occur, and that’s a fair assessment. However, you might want to explore dividing your contributions out throughout the year. Creating a quarterly maintenance donation can assist organizations with operational strategy and routine costs such as salaries, particularly during times of crisis.


It may be time to move on to the next phase of your 20-year strategy, or you may be okay with the same strategic giving process that succeeded last year. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you’re making a conscious effort to optimise your influence.