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Camp Lejuene Water

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From August 1953 to December 1987, drinking water at Camp Lejuene was contaminated. Thus, military veterans, civil servants, contractors, their families, and employees at the Marine Corps Base camp Lejuene water or Marine Corps air station New River in North Carolina could have been exposed.

Chemical contaminants such as Benzene, Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene, and Vinyl chloride occurred in two main water treatment facilities at the base, including Tarara terrace and Hadnot point.

Effects Of The Contaminated Water

Scientific and medical evidence suggests that chemical contaminants can cause various cancers, including lung, prostate, breast, colon, bladder, rectum, and liver. It can also cause other medical complications, including miscarriages, multiple myeloma, Parkinson’s disease, congenital disabilities, epilepsy, female infertility, aplastic anemia, and nerve damage.

Eligibility To Claim

US president Joe Biden signed the Sergeant First Class Health Robinson into law, Honoring promise to Address the Comprehensive Toxins (PACT) act on 10th August, 2022. The act provides healthcare to military veterans, contractors, civil servants, their families, and employees affected by chemical contaminants from drinking water.

The Camp Lejuene justice act of 2021 allows contractors, military veterans, civil servants, their families, and employees to sue and recover damages for harm and losses suffered after exposure to contaminated water from Camp Lejuene water between 1st August 1953 and 31st December 1987.

To be eligible, you must have been exposed to toxic water for not less than 30 days. The act is a part of the comprehensive PACT act that aims to improve access to healthcare and disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxic substances globally.

How To File a Claim

Here is how to file a how to file a Camp Lejeune water contamination claim.

You may be eligible for disability compensation if you have completed qualifying service at Camp Lejeune and now have a diagnosis for one of the diseases mentioned above. Military veterans from Lejeune can make a veteran affairs (VA) disability claim. At the same time, civil servants and contractors can file a Camp Lejuene lawsuit before the Eastern District of North Carolina court for damages resulting from exposure to contaminated water.

Veterans Affairs Disability Claims

Veterans who served at the marine corps base Camp Lejeune or marine corps air station New River Carolina between 1st August 1953 and 31st December 1987 are eligible for a Veteran Affairs health benefits claim. 

Veterans should provide evidence of having served at Camp Lejuene water or New River, Carolina, for at least 30 cumulative days and should have received an honorable discharge. They can make a health claim if diagnosed with the following diseases.

●        Aplastic anemia

●       Adult Leukemia

●       Bladder cancer

●        Kidney cancer

●       Liver cancer

●       Parkinson’s disease

●       Multiple myeloma

●       Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

Affected veterans should file a claim for disability compensation and provide medical evidence of suffering from one or more of the above conditions. They can make these claims directly on the US department of veteran affairs official website, an accredited representative, or the department’s regional office.

Family members of veterans who served in the military camps from 1st August 1953 and 31st December 1987 can get compensated for their out-of-pocket costs related to the following conditions.

●       Bladder cancer

●       Breast cancer

●       Esophagus cancer

●       kidney cancer

●       Leukemia

●       Female infertility

●       Hepatic steatosis

●       Miscarriage

●       Myledoplastic Syndrome

●       Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

●       Renal toxicity

●       Scleroderma

The family members should provide evidence of their relationship with the military veteran through a birth certificate, marriage license, or adoption papers. In addition, they should provide evidence of residency at the camps in the said period for at least 30 consecutive days. The evidence can be in utility bills, tax forms, military orders, and base records.

Family members affected by the contaminated water should provide medical evidence indicating they suffer any above conditions, diagnosis date, and evidence of past or ongoing treatment. In addition, they should provide evidence of payment for treatment.

If a member lived at the camp between 1st August 1957 and 31st December 1987, they might get compensated for treatment received on or after 6th August 2012 and up to two years before the date of claim. Likewise, if a member lived at either of the camps between 1st August 1953 and 31st December 1956, you might receive compensation for treatment received on or after 16th December 2014 or up to two years before the date of claim.

The claimant should fill out a Camp Lejuene family member program treating physician report and have a doctor fill in and submit the form to the US Department of  Veteran affairs.

Are You Eligible To File a Camp Lejuene Water Contamination Claim?

Suppose you worked or resided at the Marine Corps Base camp Lejuene or Marine Corps air station New River in North Carolina between 1st August 1953 and 31st August 1987. In that case, you might be eligible to file a camp Lejuene water contamination claim.

Get in touch with an expert to determine if you qualify to file a Camp Lejuene water contamination claim and to walk you through the process.

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