How to finance a business after moving to the United States


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Moving to another country is a complex process; leaving your origins, family, loved ones, and life as you knew it, are difficulties that have to be faced with courage and strength to achieve a better quality of life. And when you arrive, things are no different, it seems impossible to adapt to a new language, a new culture, and a new life. However, it does not have to be this way; the transition can be friendlier if you have access to the right tools. 

Starting a business is one of the paths chosen by migrants arriving in the United States to succeed. Regardless of the niche in which it is undertaken, the financial aspect is one of the most important. Buying raw materials, machinery, furniture, delivery equipment, or perhaps stocking inventory are assignments that are difficult to accomplish without capital.

For this reason, it is necessary to know all the resources to obtain small business financing when starting a company. Access to resources such as commercial loans, lines of credit, business credit cards, or any other financial product are some tools that will allow you to start a business and begin a new life. But they are not the only ones. Learn about the various alternatives available to get capital and start working.

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How to finance a business after moving to the United States

How to finance an entrepreneurship

To get the right small business financing for a company, it is necessary to define the destination of the capital, establish a start-up budget, and draw up a list of the real payment possibilities. In this way, an unpayable debt will not be acquired, and the dream will not turn into a nightmare.

In this section, we present some financing alternatives for starting a business. Knowing their characteristics, it will be easier to find the right one for each need and make an informed decision.

Personal savings and friends and family loans

Investing your own money allows you more freedom in budgeting since you do not have to be accountable to a third party to use the money. On the other hand, friends and family loans usually have no or relatively low-interest rates compared to traditional financial products. 

Both of these options are ideal for new entrepreneurs, but in the case of someone who has just moved to the United States, they may not have sufficient savings for this purpose due to the expenses involved in moving.

Business credit cards

Getting a business credit card is recommended for companies that require inventory to get started. This instrument of small business financing allows you to buy and pay in installments during the following months. This way, the same sales generate income to pay the card. The risk arises when the debt exceeds the payment capacity, so it is important not to reach the monthly credit limit.

To acquire this financial product, it is essential to have a good credit history. Cards are an excellent tool for maintaining economic order, but they can be the worst enemy if used to obtain cash since interest rates are considerably high.

Angel investors 

This option refers to individuals or institutions that finance ventures in exchange for shares of the business. One of the advantages offered by this alternative is that in case of not achieving good results, the money invested does not have to be returned since the investors acquire the risk hand in hand with the company’s owner.

It is difficult for an entrepreneur to find an angel investor on his own; it is almost always necessary to have the support of a mentor or an organization that supports migrant entrepreneurs. Before choosing this alternative, it is essential for the entrepreneur to be aware that from now on, they will open the possibility of external participation in their business.

Business loans

This resource is granted by banking institutions and financial companies. For migrants, traditional banking requirements are almost impossible to meet, as they are not very accessible to people who have just arrived in the United States.  

Choosing the best source of small business financing is a process that requires caution and analysis to compare the different alternatives in the market. A bad decision can have negative consequences for migrants.

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