How to keep your skin healthy for a long time

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Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by Umer Malik

In many respects, the aging process of the skin is predetermined by genetics, but ecology, lifestyle, habitat, working conditions, nutrition, skincare, smoking, and other bad habits also have a significant effect on the body. We use dermal fillers, cosmetology, and different tips and tricks to stay healthy, beautiful, and young. Of course, skin aging is inevitable, but some simple tricks will help you to significantly delay this moment, leaving your skin young and beautiful for a long time.


Nutrition is one of the important components of skin health, a person who eats properly is easily noticed by the condition of his/her derm.

  1. Eat fish meals three times a week and add unrefined vegetable oils to your meals. These products are rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which leave the skin healthy and glowing.
  2. Eat protein-rich animal products on a regular basis: they supply collagen and elastin proteins to the body, which make the derm elastic. In addition, liver, eggs, and dairy products contain a lot of vitamin A, which stimulates the renewal of skin cells.
  3. But the consumption of simple carbohydrates – sugar, chocolate, white bread – must be controlled. Their excess negatively affects the condition of the skin, for example, they cause the appearance of acne.
  4. Eat more vegetables and fruits: they are rich in fiber, vitamins A, E, C, which slow down skin aging. Add foods rich in sulfur, zinc, and iron (tomatoes, green vegetables, wheat bran, liver, and a variety of berries) to your food – these substances are necessary for derm repair.

Minerals and vitamins

They should be obtained not only through food – there are not enough of them, so take them in dosage form, especially A, E, and C. These are the so-called antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals that destroy the elasticity of the skin and contribute to its aging.


Lack of sleep primarily affects the skin, making it look dull and beautifying the face with bruises and bags under the eyes. To maintain a healthy derm, try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day on a comfortable pillow. Try to choose a pillow that will not allow the vessels in the neck to be pinched – this interferes with the outflow of fluid and leads to swelling on the face.

To sleep better, try to be physically active every day. When a person goes in for sports, he develops physiological fatigue, which is the guarantor of good sleep. A well-slept person always looks great in the morning.

Remember, the derm of the body is not just a covering, as the upholstery on a sofa. Your skin needs daily care. The skin is a mirror of the internal state of the body. Therefore, proper nutrition, proper rest, and exercise are what should be done on your part for the health of the skin.

Take care of your eyes

As you know, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most vulnerable, so it requires the most careful care. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing cream, be sure to wear sunglasses in sunny weather to avoid crow’s feet. But they should not just be with dark glasses, but with a light filter of at least UV 400, which delays up to 99-100% of UV rays, otherwise, you can get glaucoma or cataracts.

Cosmetic care

Signs of aging of the skin of the face are often given out by the eyes, where the first mimic wrinkles appear. Vitamin A derivatives such as retinol, retinyl palmitate, and retinyl linoleate will help give the delicate derm around the eyes more elasticity. They provide a lifting effect, promote collagen production and skin regeneration. Even the owners of oily skin should use such creams.

But not only do the eyes need special care – the rest of the skin of the face is equally susceptible to the negative effects of the environment. Perform the following procedures daily in the morning and in the evening: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, choosing products in accordance with your skin type. Apply a nourishing cream at night, and 1-2 times a week, perform a deep cleansing with a scrub or mask, if necessary, use special products (against acne, against age spots, and others). Perform make-up removal with special care without stretching or damaging sensitive skin, which will also protect it from aging and wrinkles.