How To Lead So Other People Want To Follow You?

How To Lead So Other People Want To Follow You?

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Leadership is a skill in itself, and unsurprisingly enough, not many people possess the exceptional qualities or mindset to make it a good leader. If you’re in a leadership position, people won’t be giving you respect just for that alone. It would be best if you showed your peers that you could lead them and mentor them. To put it simply, you need to lead other people to want to follow you.

Great leaders across the globe like Bardya Ziaian are not leaders just because of money or ownership of multiple businesses. They are leaders because they have shown the world around what they are capable of. A successful leader has the skills and a leading mindset that your followers can look up to. Here are some practical tips on how you can successfully lead a group of people.

1. Be Humble

This is one of the most overlooked points while people begin as a leader. A leader is like a captain of a soccer team. No one likes a harsh player ranting on you, even for good. Instead, you can be a team player and lead your team to glorious victory. 

2. Clear Out Your Vision

As a true leader, you need to learn how to be confident. Set your goals and start the work. If you’re ever doubtful of your goals, you will start doubting people around you, and that’s the last thing a good leader wants to do. A leader is like a captain of the ship. If a captain tells you that he doesn’t have a clear vision of the destination, his crew will freak out. The same is the situation here. Your team will only believe you if they see a person willing to work day and night to achieve a predetermined goal.

3. Be Honest

If you want to be a leader that people want to follow, you need to be honest. If you’re a leader that keeps your team in the dark, you’ll never make it to the excellent leader mark. All the successful leaders across the globe are honest with their team and the relevant audience. If you have nothing to hide, people can’t use anything up against your team. That is one of the defining assets of a successful and determined team working under an honest leader.

4. Lead By Example

Leading by example is what differentiates a leader and a boss. A boss will never work alongside his employees and have this predefined image of a guy with a hunter. A leader, on the other hand, prefers to work in a crowd. And transformational leadership is an excellent example of it. Doing so helps take control of your team and proves healthy for the work environment of your team.


Not everyone is born a good leader, but one can continuously improve in any field of life. A successful team leader like Bardya Ziaian Toronto – based serial entrepreneur, always knows how to get the best out of their team while maintaining a productive work structure. By following these tips, you can start your journey on becoming a successful leader that other people want to follow.

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