Top 5 Sources of EMF Exposure in Your Home

EMF Exposure in Your Home

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Did you know that a home can have more than 8 sources of EMFs at a time?

The science isn’t out yet on how EMF exposure affects peoples’ long-term health, but the flip side of that is you can never be too safe. The worst thing you would want is a long-term study coming out detailing the harms of being exposed to EMFs across decades.

After all, none of the most common technologies were so common several decades ago.

Read on to find out the best way to keep track of all the sources of EMFs in your home.

The most common culprit is wifi, followed by mobile phones, any smart devices you have, microwave ovens, cars, electrical wiring, and neighborhood appliances. EMFs are everywhere.

1. Wifi

Everyone has wifi. Fiber internet, routers, neighborhood wifi infrastructure. This means there are signals traveling through the air all around you.

Wifi can operate at a number of different frequency ranges, and you can use the best emf meter to find out where the frequencies are most dense in your household, whether that be the den where most of your tech is or the bedroom where you charge your phone at night.

2. Mobile and Cordless Phones

Have you ever had your mother tell you not to sleep with your phone by your bed? Not only do the notification sounds and screen brightness affect your quality of sleep, but you can never be sure about the EMFs a phone is emitting.

With the advent of 5G, there is little health data to back up the negative effects on a human’s body. Again, you can never be too safe.

The American Cancer Society warns that even though there is no evidence proving the correlation of 5G exposure with cancer, the technology has not been proven to be completely safe. Can you really trust big corporations to have your health in mind? They just want to sell their networks, and they do not care about the negative effects on your health in the long term.

3. Smart Devices

Smart devices are common enough in the typical American household these days. From smart TVs to smartwatches to smart thermostats; the average home is absolutely inundated with devices that are constantly on and transmitting signals. You will want to keep track of the smart devices you have and avoid spending too much time in a place where they are all concentrated.

4. Electrical Wiring

The wiring emits a different frequency than that of your phone or wifi, but the EMFs are significant nonetheless. Some call this “dirty electricity”.

5. Cars

Let’s face it: cars are really smart these days. Usually, with smart cars, you have a whole wealth of technology that emits EMFs. This could range from Bluetooth connections to the GPS, to other in-car tablets.

Hidden Sources

There are not many ways you can avoid EMF exposure completely. Hopefully, keeping track of the biggest emitters in your home can help you learn how to reduce emf exposure, and give you more insight into what is emf exposure. In terms of EMF exposure risks, we can only know in the long term, but we cannot be too careful.

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