How to look slim in salwar kameez?

How to look slim in salwar kameez?

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When it comes to traditional wear, nothing compares to the beauty of salwar kameez and Patiala suits.

With the wedding and festive season around the corner, we are sure you must be planning on investing in some ethnic clothing for important events like weddings or social gatherings.

The best thing about this particular clothing style is that it can be worn for any occasion ranging from female daily wear to grand celebrations!

However, so many women hold back from wearing a classic Indian suit because they worry it will only highlight their heavier frames.

While there’s no denying that a well-tailored salwar kameez suit can flatter any figure beautifully, with some help from the right fashion stores and an assortment of lesser-known tricks you can make this set work for you and not against you.

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Pick a darker shade

If you want to look taller and slimmer in an Indian outfit, it’s best to stick with darker colors. Darker colors will help make your silhouette more slender even if you’re a bit heavier.

 Lighter colors work oppositely by making you seem larger than you are, especially if there are lots of things on your upper body.

 We recommend shades like black, dark green, brown, or navy blue!

Avoid stripes and horizontal prints

Always remember to pair prints that are highly contrasting to your skin tone with silhouettes that are the same height as yours or slightly longer than your frame.

These include dresses, capes, blazers, and jumpsuits that feature bold vertical stripes, paisley patterns, and plaids that make your legs appear longer.

No doubt Prints you wear should complement your clothing and not take away from it.

 For example, when comes wearing vertical stripes, which give the illusion of elongating your frame by making you appear taller, this is a good way to play on proportion and make your body look slimmer in some instances.

When it comes to prints that exude the quality and comfort of materials, we recommend broadcloth for a more timeless piece that looks great and won’t distract from other things in your outfit either.

In terms of horizontal prints, these can add volume to an outfit – especially if you’re wearing them with busy patterns or bright colors.

Avoid loud prints like this because they can overpower an entire outfit or simply be too much for people’s eyes to assimilate

Choose a lighter fabric

When it comes to picking fabrics for your dresses or outfits, you want to go for lighter ones rather than heavier ones.

You won’t want to go for something like real silk because it is heavy and does not allow your outfit to hug your body like something a bit lighter would allow.

So we can say that when it comes to choosing lightweight fabrics, you can always go with a great summer staple (like chiffon or georgette) as they have great drape and don’t add unnecessary bulk like heavier fabrics tend to do, making them perfect for your warm-weather wardrobe.

Decide the correct Kameez Length

Kameez come in several different styles and variations but you can get your kameez custom tailored to match the length of your height.

For instance, if you’re on the shorter side then wearing a long kameez with a skirt would probably make you look larger than what you are.

We suggest going for more of a menswear inspired look and wearing a blazer or button up paired with fitted pants rather than something like leggings or tights.

 For taller ladies we suggest pairing kurta tops with palazzo pants or an a-line dress rather than anything too short as this will help create an illusion of definition on the lower part of your body.

Always carry heels

There is nothing wrong with rocking your favorite flats with a salwar kameez, but if you’re looking to step up your flat-game, try pairing a pair of heels with your ensemble.

 Wearing heels can help you look taller and more confident – and showing off some leg is always a good idea!

The best way to get the height of a heel without feeling like you’re wearing a block on your feet is by opting for chunky heels.

FAQs related to how to look slim in salwar kameez

How can I look thinner in Chudi?

In fashion, it doesn’t hurt to stand out in the crowd. Not only can wearing heels lift your stature, but it can also help enhance how much thinner you might look.

To maximize your appearance, whether when you’re walking or sitting down, you’re going want to make sure that a hemline hits at least just above your knee or higher.

This will enable anyone looking at you to complement both your height and leg length with minimal effort.

Do prints make you look fat?

When it comes to prints, not all are created equal. The most obvious offenders were the horizontal and vertical stripes, which create a visual illusion of width.

 Other bold and busy prints can also be problematic – especially if you’re trying to get away with your outfit as being a size or two smaller than it really is.

Making sure that you choose the right print is essential when making this fashion faux pas less noticeable.

Less obvious spot-on choices would include vertical and subtle, tonal prints that blend in well with your body shape rather than distracting from it.


The choice of the attire will depend upon your body type, as well as the occasion. If you are attending a formal dinner, you must go for the most appropriate outfit which will be a fitted dress.

If you are attending a social gathering, you can opt for flared or loose dresses.

 For parties, you can wear an ethnic outfit. Apart from the above mentioned, you can also wear a designer outfit.

Salwar Kameez is traditional Indian clothing for women, which is worn all over India and has become a fashion trend in the Indian subcontinent.

In some regions of India, women wear salwar kameez as a daily wear and in other regions it is worn as a traditional wear.

This outfit is very comfortable to wear and is available in a variety of material, prints, colors and style. If you are thinking of purchasing a salwar kameez and want to look slim in it.

 So we hope you enjoy our article about how to look slim in salwar kameez.

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