How to Raise Flowers for Cash


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You have given flowers, like to your mother on her special day, or you have received flowers, such as that anniversary or birthday. Lilies, daisies, roses, carnations or tulips are all popular picks and these, along with any other type of flower you like, can be grown at home or in a greenhouse, not just for your viewing pleasure, but to sell as a side income. If you already have a favorite you know how to raise, then concentrate on that one, but you can also learn the basics for a variety to raise, sell and profit from. 

Gather the Seeds

The first step in raising flowers for cash is to make a business plan. Gather all the pertinent information, such as what type of flower(s) you want to sell, what materials you need and to whom you will market your product. Think of a name, slogan or logo that you can use for advertising purposes. Look into what is customer data platform to make the best use of your client’s information so as your business builds, you will have marketing tools to keep growing. These seeds of your business will blossom if given the right attention and circumstances. Devote time each week to marketing and review your plan to ensure the roots have taken hold.

Dig in the Dirt

There is a huge variety of flowers that can be grown successfully indoors or in a greenhouse. Research the ones that appeal to you most and learn everything you can before beginning so you do not waste time in trial and error. If you plan to grow a variety of plants to offer your customers, keep detailed information about each one in an easy-to-access notebook by your plants. If you plan to be the go-to supplier for lilies, for example, be sure to research when their rest period is and how to initiate blooming. There are hundreds of books and blogs on the best methods for every kind of plant, so be sure to make use of free information as you set up shop. 

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Nurture the Buds

Every type of plant has its unique characteristics but there are fundamental features that go into caring for flowers to make them healthy and bring them to life. The features to customize for each type of flower you want to grow include light, temperature, humidity, water and fertilizer. Some plants do best in southern light, some in shade and others in full light for at least six hours a day. A bush lily, for example, needs bright, filtered light, medium humidity and normal room temperatures as part of its care. These characteristics make it an easy plant to grow in your home or greenhouse, and the colors can be attractive to sell.

Share the Blooms

Take photographs from a wide variety of angles with different lighting setups to use for marketing. Focus just on your flowers and be aware of your background. Use social media, a website or other digital means to share your product, and keep in mind to use your location in your information so customers know where you are. Other places to sell your products include local grocery stores, craft shows, fairs and festivals. Feature specials, giveaways and discounts on a rotating basis to keep customers coming back to see what is new. Each season is optimal for some type of flower that you can concentrate on to keep your inventory moving and expanding. Marketing with holidays in mind will provide a focus for you to share your blooms every month.

Whether you enjoy growing flowers as a hobby or are just now developing your green thumb, putting time and attention into raising beautiful creations to sell can be fun and profitable. All you need is a solid plan, quality material and persistence to produce a business that will grow like a weed but be as pretty as a petunia.