Tips on How To Score Full Marks in Class 1 Mathematics

Class 1 Mathematics

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Mathematics is known to be a very interesting subject. It may be fun for some students, but most of them may consider it to be a nightmare. Stated simply, Math is not just about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Over the years as we gradually grow up, math becomes tougher and tougher. However, class 1 Math is a very alluring subject for young brains. The chapters in the CBSE 1st Standard Maths or just different sample papers like CBSE Class 1 Maths Sample Paper are designed in a simple and plain manner that helps young minds to understand. In class 1 Mathematics, kids tend to learn about counting numbers, simple and somewhat complex addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, different word problems and patterns, shapes, and etc. It is never too early to start practicing Math. Which is why a list has been mentioned which contains different pointers on how to score full marks in Class 1. The said list is given below. 

Practice Makes Perfecto. 

As mentioned above, it is never too early to begin with your child’s Math practice. Practicing different questions, be it easy ones such as addition or subtraction, allows the mind to grasp the concept and basic ways of doing it. When you repeat something over and over again, your mind is able to keep up to understand and a particular memory of you practicing gets feeded again again, creating its own tiny space in the brain to be stored. Which is why practicing math is always the go to option, and the earlier you learn this the better it is for your future classes. 

Math Worksheets

Aside from the syllabus and the content of the main school book, your child’s focus should also be on the extra activities of math such as different workbooks, sample papers and practice sheets to help them understand different math problems in different ways. These extra worksheets help the kids in exploring multiple strategies and ideas. They also develop great motor skills, logical thinking, and learn new things on their own in a strategic manner. It is a great way to encourage students to remember and go through what they learn in class and also motivates them to work without the assistance of a teacher, hence not being dependent on a certain individual for minor problems. The link to such worksheet is mentioned below:

Visual Learning

Many children tend to lean towards visual methods of learning. Class 1 syllabus includes the study of different lines and different shapes and that basically entails that visual learning is a must. Visual learning may help your child to store information for a longer period of time. It is a proven fact that videos and images are directly processed by long term memory, allowing your child to process information primarily through visuals and improving their learning process. Visual learning is also beneficial as a lot of students tend to get bored by listening to their teachers repeating the same thing over and over again. So, if one can find a way to teach children by showing interesting images and visuals, it may help your child to perform better in their exam. 

Make It Fun

Childhood is supposed to be the best period of our life with bucket loads of fun in it. And let’s face the truth, not many children tend to have fun while studying a subject like Mathematics, whether it is a tired student of class 11 or an energetic student of class 1. The best way to ensure that your child is learning math with interest is to make it fun by making the studies interesting. Your child will be motivated to do better and to do more,  encouraging them to practice over and over again and learn new things and concepts which will prove to be very beneficial for them for their examinations. It is said that those who deeply enjoy gaining knowledge about new things can add new hobbies, accelerate their future career and develop new points of pride and confidence, which is definitely an added bonus for a class 1 student.

Give a Reward 

To ensure that the maximum potential of your child is seen in their work, make sure to give them a reward after activities like when they accomplish something new or when they start understanding a particular part of a complex question. Show your children that their hard work can lead to great rewards. This will motivate the children to do better and learn new things, allowing their mind to stay active and healthy. Not to mention, also helping them achieve great marks in their examination. Adding more to these facts, rewarding your children, for example, by praising a child or giving them a gift, makes them feel good about themselves. Also, it helps shape their personality as it can lead to an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, allowing them to believe in themselves to do better. 

Different Ways 

Children tend to get confused as he or she thinks that there is only one correct way to answer a question. Wrong. Every teacher has their own ways of teaching but that does not really mean that there is only one option to do a question in a correct manner. In fact, regarding math, there are hundreds of ways to find an answer. 

Make sure that your child knows that there are hundreds of ways to get an answer to a particular complex question. There are many techniques used by different people according to what they think is easy. Teach them different ways to understand and different strategies for them to apply in their mind so that they can solve even the most perplexing questions in their mind without getting confused.

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