Importance of NCERT Books Class 12 English

NCERT Books Class 12 English

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

Board exams play a crucial role in students’ lives. In every sphere of a student’s academic profile and even in jobs, your Class 12 Board results are considered. Scoring well in the Board exams, therefore, comes along with a lot of stress and pressure to cover the entire syllabus in enough time so that you can also practice well. So, naturally one would like to take all the important steps that can help them score better, and choosing the right books for preparation is one of these crucial steps.

English in Class 12 can be a subject that is easy to score well in depending upon how strong your preparation is. However, if you are missing the appropriate study material, it can be tough to achieve your goals. The syllabus provided for Class 12 English by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is quite vast for the literature section and can be tough to score well in without being thorough with all the chapters. This is where the books published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) are the most useful study material for students in Class 12.

The NCERT books for Class 12 lend a helping hand for the students as they not only provide a base but also have the course material which is easy to understand and to the point. The text is highly researched and written by experts that provide authentic information to the students. Thus, this helps the students to understand the concepts in a crystal clear manner and ensures the accuracy of their answers in the exams.

The NCERT Books Class 12 English are available at affordable prices without compromising the quality content. These books are one of the most accessible study materials and can be found at your nearest bookstores very easily. If required, you can also access the NCERT Books online in PDF forms on the official websites for NCERT and CBSE.

The NCERT Books also provide students with the required help on the difficult words that can be found in each chapter. Students can find difficult words with their meanings explained for each chapter which can help them improve their understanding of the chapter as well as increase their vocabulary. 

Usually, in most of the CBSE schools, only NCERT textbooks for Class 12 are used and recommended for study and preparation. At the primary and secondary levels, NCERT textbooks hold a remarkable position. NCERT books are packed with self-assessment exercises at the end of each chapter which helps to conquer even complex problems. Solving these questions and exercises can also be useful during your revisions before the exams. These questions are also helpful in covering important details that you may have missed while reading the chapter. So, make sure that during your preparation, you attempt solving the NCERT questions at least once. These questions can be asked directly in the Class 12 English Board Exam.

More than any other side book, the Class 12 books by the NCERT clear the concepts effectively and help in understanding even the complicated chapters easily. In the board exams, there is hardly anything that is asked beyond NCERT books. Hence, if you have thoroughly read all the chapters in the NCERT and attempted solving the questions provided after each chapter, your chances of scoring higher marks increase.

Talking about curriculum, NCERT books Class 12 English strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum which makes it sufficient for the preparation of board exams as the paper is set according to the prescribed syllabus only. Along with this, students can even prepare for any other competitive exams like JEE mains, NEET, JEE advance, UPSC, and many more through NCERT books. 

To not waste any of your precious preparatory time, it is essential that your focus should be on one specific book which is sufficient for preparation. This will save time and direct to the final output. The time period for preparation for board exams is hectic, thus other sources can be a barrier in the path. Hence, your main priority should be to cover the entirety of the syllabus from the NCERT course books.

Apart from this, there are multiple sample and previous year exam papers available on the internet which are meant to help you know the exam pattern and type of questions. The past years’ papers also claim that most of the questions are directly or indirectly related to NCERT books designed for Class 12. Another thing to be noted here is that, apart from studying NCERT books, the practice should also be proper. To solve the twisted questions, revision of the questions provided in the NCERT Books for English is very important.

The NCERT Books are referred by experienced faculty in CBSE Schools throughout the country and every teacher advises students to rely only on the books provided by the NCERT as these books are guaranteed to make your preparation stronger from various aspects.

Sometimes relying on multiple books can be a blunder, as it creates confusion. There is not even much harm in using additional reference books, all it can do is to distract from achieving the set target leading the percentage of marks to a downfall. However, reference books also contain good content but in a concise format which sometimes leaves out the important matter of study. You may rely on reading the summary for each chapter from reference books but it may lead to missing out on a lot of details that can be questioned in the exam.

Therefore, Students should not rely on shortcuts, instead, go for a detailed study. Preference should be given more to NCERT textbooks than any other additional textbook. However, to clear any doubt or study in-depth reference books can be brought into consideration. Thus, it is necessary to stick to NCERT books as it has everything which is needed to score outstanding grades.

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