The Different Types of HVAC Systems That Homeowners Have Today

Different Types of HVAC Systems That Homeowners Have Today

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

It’s safe to say that Americans are pretty reliant on the luxury of cool air: with air conditioners in 75% of all U.S. homes, these units consume about 6% of the nation’s electricity!

In other words, if you’re looking for better ways of heating and cooling your home, you’re in good company.

Whether you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to cool down or a compact unit for your small space, finding the right HVAC unit is crucial. For such specific requirements, you should consult New Jersey HVAC manufacturers  to design a energy-efficient HVAC system. If you’re wondering about the different types of HVAC systems on the market today, here’s what you should know as you make your decision.

Split System

This is the most common type of residential HVAC system in the U.S. As the term suggests, a split system uses different units for heating and cooling.

In addition, the system is set up in two different locations. The outdoor section contains the system’s compressors and refrigerant for cooling, while the indoor section will contain fans and evaporators as well as a heating unit. These types of HVAC systems will contain built-in humidifiers and purifiers for comfortable indoor air.

Hybrid System

Though you might hear this type of HVAC unit called a “hybrid heat pump system,” it both heats and cools your home. These units are similar to split systems, but they allow users to switch between gas and electric power with ease. Smart homeowners looking for energy-efficient and eco-friendly options will opt for this model, although the best HVAC company in your area can help you decide whether it will work well on your property.

Ductless Mini-Split System

While split systems and hybrid systems circulate air by using a network of ducts throughout your home, a ductless system is just that: duct-free. This makes them useful in homes in which it would be too complicated to install air ducts.

Ductless systems are separated into two or more parts to heat and cool different rooms, or “zones,” of your home. Each will contain compact compressors, condensers, fans, and wiring to allow them to function as independent units.

Packaged System

A packaged system contains all of the components needed for heating and cooling a home within a single unit, which usually sits up high in the attic. Due to their compact sizes, packaged systems are great for smaller homes. However, because their heating abilities aren’t as efficient as the options above, they may be better for homes in warmer climates.

Consider the Different Types of HVAC Systems for Your Home

While each of these types of HVAC systems will provide air conditioning and heating for your home, the subtle differences between them can have a big impact on your household. From energy-efficient options that save money to out-of-the-way attic systems that free up space, finding the right model can be a great help. Work with a local HVAC technician as you weigh your options!

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