5 Small but Important Things to Observe In Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime

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Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit that belongs to the family Rutaceae. Botanical name of Kaffir Lime is Citrus hystrix. This fruit has many names in different languages. Other common names are makrut, makroot, kadipatta, and cretos lime.

People use this plant for various purposes apart from its culinary uses. In Southeast Asia people use it as medicinal properties whereas in India people use it for spiritual purpose.

Now let us look at 5 small but important things to observe:

1) Buy Kaffir Lime through Reputed Seller or Market Vendors

The first thing you have to note about buying good quality Kaffir Lime is that you have to buy it through reputed seller or market vendor. Buy good quality of fruit having dark green skin with fresh-looking leaves that produce nice citrusy fragrance when gently crushed in your hand. If the leaves are dry, yellowish green in color then avoid buying it. Dry leaves will have no juice at all whereas wet leaves have bitter taste for sure. Do not choose Kaffir Lime with brown spots on it because this indicates early ripening and the fruit will be quite hard when fully ripe.

2) Do Not Buy from Websites or Sellers Who Are Not Based In India

Another thing you have to take care of while purchasing Kaffir Lime is to check whether the seller is based in India or not. Buy it from websites who are not based in India. Buy only from sellers who are located in South Asia like Indian or Pakistani market vendors.

3) Get Maximum Nutrients from It

The next thing to note while buying good quality of Kaffir Lime is that you have to buy it to get maximum nutrients out of it. Buy Kaffir Lime whose rind contains higher oil content because this means more juice for you! The oil-to-juice ratio is usually 6:1, but the highest it has ever been known to go is 11:1! So if the fruit does not meet your requirements then do not buy at all. Buy Kaffir Lime as per your requirements as fresh fruit, dried powder or even frozen juice cubes…or all combined together.

4) Buy Fresh Fruits

Do not buy Kaffir Lime which is old and dry because this kind of fruit contains no juice at all. Buy fresh fruits with soft leaves for squeezing for maximum yield of juice. You can also use whole fruits to cook delicious dishes after crushing it. Buy fruits which have been refrigerated before purchase because refrigeration reduces the intensity of citrus flavor in Kaffir Lime that means you can cook more dishes from one kilogram of fruit. You should buy hat has been wrapped in a plastic bag because this type of fruit is very sensitive to cold. It has ripened naturally because temperature fluctuations cause the fruit to lose its flavor quickly. Buy Kaffir Lime whose leaves are clean and dry because if it’s old then it’s better not to buy at all because you will not get enough juice from it.

5) Buy Good Quality to Get Maximum Nutrients from It

The last but most important thing I want to point out about buying good quality of Kaffir Lime is make sure you buy good quality fruits as this will ensure that you get maximum nutrients from them. Buy which is rich in citric acid, ascorbic acid, carotene, thiamine and riboflavin because these are good for overall health. Buy Kaffir Lime which is free from blemishes and damage to improve taste further. Choose whose color, smell and taste meets your requirements so that you can clean it and store it properly at home for further use after peeling off its skin. Buy fruit which has no bruises or foreign smells and tastes etc…

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