How Are Industries Adopting Commercial Solar Energy?

commercial solar power in Adelaide
commercial solar power in Adelaide

Last Updated on April 4, 2022 by azamqasim

It will never be possible to win the fight against climate change unless businesses play an active part in driving transformation. Thus, many businesses from varied industries are adopting and leveraging commercial solar power in Adelaide and elsewhere. This has played a key role in hastening the adoption of solar solutions, with studies suggesting 45% of the world’s energy demand will be covered by solar power. 

This is a significant development in the energy sector and the best possible way to combat the challenges associated with energy deficits. Energy consumers can be divided into three different categories: industrial, commercial, and domestic. Industrial usage accounts for maximum consumption, making it very important for industries to adopt solar energy at the earliest. 

Industries Embracing Solar Power

Numerous industries, including the prominent players in the market, such as Walmart and Google, are now facilitating the speedy adoption of solar energy. There are many reasons driving industries to opt for the alternative to conventional energy. Some are adopting solar power to complement the grid power and minimize electricity bills, while others are making a shift to sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Other reasons pushing industries to go solar include energy conservation and showing their responsibility towards a clean environment and climate-cautious society. In addition, increasing the share of renewables in a company’s portfolio does yield many perks for the business in the long run. Potential investors and even customers find it appealing for a business to use solar power.  

Furthermore, every business that adopts solar power gets access to other incentives such as capital subsidies, tax benefits, and other similar incentives based on the location of the business. Governments and other similar authorities are encouraging more businesses to go green, and industries have not been shy from capitalizing on the said opportunity. 

Manufacturing Sector Going Solar

The manufacturing sector has been the biggest benefactor of all the industries adopting solar solutions in the past couple of years. Every manufacturer has to facilitate numerous business processes to ensure smooth manufacturing at all times. This consequently translates to increased electricity bills making a dent in the company’s profit. 

However, this is now a thing of the past, with many manufacturers going completely solar to reduce their electricity expenses significantly. Apart from the cost benefits, manufacturers going solar are highly beneficial in terms of reducing the amount of pollution. Therefore, considering perks like these, it is understandable why manufacturers are choosing solar over conventional electricity.    

Return On Investments

Businesses are no stranger to making long-term investments, especially the ones with higher ROIs. Hence this age-old concept has played a significant role in enhancing the prevalence of commercial solar power in Adelaide. The initial cost of installing solar solutions can be a bit pricey, but the long-term returns on this investment are highly significant. Most businesses who have opted for solar have seen a 40-70% decrease in their electricity expenditure. 

Final Thoughts

Every business knows and understands that they will have to go solar sooner or later. Therefore, most businesses have stopped looking for more reasons and leveraged the existing ones to transform into solar energy. Hence you too must consider getting affordable solar solutions from trusted suppliers such as Solar Lab