Interesting Information You Need To Know About Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

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To make your custom printed boxes unique and reflect who you are as a business, you’ll need to put some time and effort into its design. In addition to having a professional appearance, a well-made custom box should be highly durable. Please don’t make it look like someone designed it in second grade. custom packaging boxes for your product and industry. Stay away from flashy colors and crazy fonts unless your business represents this kind of visual mayhem. It’s all about custom printed boxes in this guide.

Custom printed boxes

A custom printed box makes your brand stand out, attracts attention, and helps consumers identify your products. A custom printed box can provide your business with much more than just a message on a carton. The little benefits they provide add up to a big difference.

When your company’s branding is printed on custom boxes, your brand automatically comes to mind and stays at the top of your customer’s minds. The packaging boxes and printed packaging offered by thePackagingPro are customized for different industries. Adding your logo, company name, tagline, website, or any other information you consider essential will help your packaging stand out and present a professional image.

Techniques of Custom Printed Boxes

There are a few different printing techniques you can choose from if you want to print custom boxes on high-quality boxes. It may be more appropriate for you to select one of the following options, depending on your needs and goals:

  • A digital printing option is a cost-effective option, which consists of full-color prints directly applied to a corrugated box.
  • The flexographic printing process comprises 1-3 colors on shipping boxes, a more basic form of custom box printing. Simple graphics, images, and logos are ideal for this product.
  • A lithographic laminate is the most high-quality of all custom printing options, applying high-resolution and photorealistic graphics directly to the paper, which is then mounted on the box.

Purposes of custom printed boxes

When your brand’s logo is on the box, it creates an immediate, personal connection for your customers.

It is not a good idea to mix your custom shipping boxes with a lot of light craft boxes, as you don’t want them to get lost. It’s not just the packaging that differentiates your brand and product from the competition, it’s also the logo. Custom packaging boxes are made for a specific product or for a specific industry.

Information such as warnings, instructions, parts lists, and more can be printed on the box. You don’t have to keep your customers in the dark about what’s inside. With boxes, you can transport your goods eco-friendly and promote your brand simultaneously. They are made with 100% recyclable materials. The printing of custom boxes is not limited to logos; reorder information can also be added to encourage repeat purchases.

It is possible to place some boxes directly on shelves, such as display shippers. You can save time and increase your brand’s visibility in stores with this process.

Costs and time considerations of custom printed boxes

A corrugated box with one-color printing may only cost you 10% more, but each additional color will increase the price incrementally. Although litho-laminated boxes are the most expensive, they only cost pennies more per box. Putting this into perspective should help you understand the cost.

Most custom printing orders are completed within five days of placing them, which may surprise you. It would help if you never had to wait weeks for a custom printed box shipment, except for highly complicated orders. Creating your logo or artwork might be the most time-consuming task. The only thing left to do is follow the instructions.


You might find that custom printed boxes are more expensive to produce, but you will undoubtedly notice a difference when you choose to ship in a unique, high-quality package with multi-color graphics. If you are still uncertain whether a custom box with multi-color printing is the right choice for your product versus a plain, brown, or cardboard box, the following above are some things to keep in mind.

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