Internet Safety Tricks for Surfing With Your Kids: Yes, It’s Possible!


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Umer Malik

We know that the internet is part of our lives, being very useful for obtaining information, reading, studying… The internet is, without a doubt, an endless world that we deal with every day.

We also know that children nowadays have contact with the internet from a very early age, and therefore, as parents, it is extremely important to safeguard and control the safety of children when browsing the internet.

In today’s article, learn how to use the ocean of information so that our children can surf the Internet safely, without unnecessary scares.

Internet safety advice

Play Teacher

The first piece of advice for getting the best internet security for your kids is to make them aware of the “dangers” of ending up on malicious or inappropriate pages. Every time they want to use the internet, they should check it out and it’s important that they know what the best sites are or what they can see.

Suggest Content

As new to the internet world (albeit with greater skill), your child won’t know which pages to go to or how to go, so a parent’s supervision is important here. Make a list of pages you can visit (children’s websites, official TV channel pages, official online games, etc.) and you will see how the danger on the Internet is reduced.

Say No To Spam

Important to keep in mind: do not click on suspicious or misleading ads. When your child connects, make sure that an email account is not activated to control the passage of spam and browse with parental control apps, so that the little ones do not receive links that could be a problem.

Accompany Them

What better way to start this adventure of surfing the internet with the kids than to do it in the company. No more hours playing at being cooks or creating disastrous crafts (for a day); On Internet Day, it’s time to browse the company, play online, and be the most millennial in the house (even if your little ones far surpass you 🙂)

Forget The Chats

Block chat sites or forums that could cause your kids to end up talking to strangers. Here parental control is very important and we must know the risks that children run when browsing the Internet.

Of course, we have to educate the little ones not to download anything without their permission or from pirated sites. For this, as well as the content of the websites, there is nothing like putting different platforms in favorites so that they can enjoy series, movies, and documentaries (maybe you have a genius at home) online. Netflix or Disney Plus, for example, are excellent platforms with lots of content for your kids.

As you can see, being a modern parent and having your kids surf safely as possible. It is not necessary to take anything from them that is tactile or that can host the web. Knowing parental control and the multitude of applications to protect your children, you will be the computer friend of the whole family!

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Internet security for adults

Not only children are at risk, adults too, so know that you, for professional or personal reasons, are more exposed to dangerous situations on the internet.

Internet security is an area of ​​computing dedicated to identifying and preventing all threats that affect Internet users and platforms. As an exchange of information on the internet takes place, regardless of format and platform, the main dangers and risks we face as users are:

  • Data theft: be it personal, banking, etc.
  • Virus implantation: These are usually implanted in a computer to obtain data or other malicious actions, such as controlling microphones or cameras.
  • Phishing: Identity theft or falsification.
  • DDoS Attacks: Attacks on web pages with a malicious purpose.
  • Spam.

There are different threats that we can face when browsing the internet. Fortunately, we can protect ourselves from them, but be careful.

Final words

Parental control is a way to make browsing the internet safer for kids. After all, dangers exist in the real or virtual world, and it’s up to us to protect our children as much as possible.

Would you leave your son or daughter, still a child, loose and alone in a city you don’t know? With carte blanche to enter any kind of place?

If you answered no, it’s worth remembering that the internet is more or less that: a whole world of possibilities – for good and for bad. Bullying , harassment , scams, pornography, extremism, fake news, capturing data and private information are among the real dangers present on the internet.

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