Is 4GB RAM enough for a Normal Smartphone?

Is 4GB RAM enough for a Normal Smartphone?
4GB RAM Mobile

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It is common to see a 4GB RAM mobile these days from different brands. The best part about these smartphones is that they are available in the budget category but still allow users to do a lot of things that are not just limited to flagship models. 

Yes, there are 16GB RAM mobiles but do you need them? Even mobile phones under 10000 come with 4GB RAM these days and offer you an overall experience that is truly awesome. 

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory or RAM is the internal storage of your smartphone where data is stored temporarily. As RAM is located close to a smartphone’s processor, it helps the device function smoothly and quickly. To put it in simple words, the presence of RAM helps the processor retrieve data stored in it quickly than from the larger internal memory itself. RAM helps access and run multiple apps seamlessly on your device. If not for RAM, all the unsaved work will be lost and every app will have to be launched from the scratch making the device slow. 

Is 4GB RAM Mobile enough for you?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors. For some people, price is a determining factor. However, for others, the overall performance of the device is the governing factor. There are smartphones in the market that come with 8GB and 16GB of RAM in them. However, these high-end phones are slightly costlier. The good news for buyers is that there are lots of mobile phones under 10000 these days that come with 4GB of RAM. Though of smaller capacity, these smartphones are capable in their own right and can help you handle basic things you will normally do daily. 

Some of the things we normally do on our smartphones are texting, taking pictures, video chatting, browsing, social networking, editing pictures, etc. A lot of these things and many more can be done in a 4GB RAM mobile smoothly. Therefore, for a lot of your daily tasks, a phone with 4GB RAM should suffice. But, if your requirements are demanding or if you play heavy games regularly, then a smartphone with higher RAM capacity will be required. 

How much RAM does an average user need?

Depending on the number of apps and their types, an average smartphone user needs anywhere between 100MB and 1.2GB of RAM. A regular phone user may not be an avid gamer, but the normal apps installed on the device will still consume RAM. The exact amount of RAM consumed by an app varies. It is worth remembering here that most Android apps require less RAM to open individually. Also, mobile phones under 10000 or those having less RAM capacity can run several apps at once. To give you an idea, social media apps like YouTube and WhatsApp need 230MB and 264MB RAM respectively. However, game-centric apps like Asphalt 9 and PUBG need 1,024MB and 1,152 MB RAM respectively. So, how much RAM you need depends on the apps you wish to use and how much regularly you use them.

It is clear from the above numbers that even if you are not using game-centric apps, media-centric apps like WhatsApp still consume an appreciable amount of RAM on your mobile. So, if you are using a smartphone with little RAM capacity say 1.5MB and if you were to open WhatsApp (264MB) and Instagram (700MB) and then launching Twitter (400MB) may prompt the RAM to shut one of the apps to make some space for Twitter. If you have the same approach in 4GB RAM mobile, then the problem of shutting an app or two for the proper functioning of another app doesn’t arise. 

Buy a Smartphone with High RAM Capacity

When you buy a smartphone with a higher RAM capacity, say 4GB, you are giving yourself a chance to do a lot of things on your device in a hassle-free way. Even mobile phones under 10000 will do the job for you. You just need to ensure that the device has at least 4GB RAM in it. When you opt for the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network to purchase a device, you are making a wise decision. With a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can easily purchase a 4GB RAM mobile in any of 1 lakh+ stores that are spread across 1,900 cities in India.

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