Is it dangerous to play with gel blasters?

Is it dangerous to play with gel blasters?

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Toy guns are the favorite of every child in their teens mostly. However, many parents are often seen concerned about the safety of their children when they play with toy guns.  Commonly used toy guns such as paint ball guns are a little bit dangerous and people have boycotted them for some reasons. Playing with gel blasters is very trendy these days. Their purchase in the markets of Australia is too high. However, people still raise a question: are they safe to use?

How does a gel blaster work?

Gel blasters are used across the word for entertainment purposes. Plastic made gel blasters release gel balls which are generally non-toxic. So, the best aspect is that they are not harmful for the environment. Balls are entirely made of water and usually very small in size. 

So, if you have a look at the make and kind of the biodegradable balls expelled by gel blasters, you can easily guess that they are not dangerous at all.

Many people don’t allow their kids to play with these tech toys inside their house because they think they can cause harm to people sitting around and also to things. However, this is not the case. Gels blasters leave no mark or impact on people who get hit by gel balls. So, they are equally safe to play with indoors as well as outdoors. However, you can enjoy more if you choose your garden or backyards to play shooting games with these blasters.

Why do gel blasters look like a gun?

Gel blasters look like a gun because they are the simulation of real world guns. Kids who are fond of playing with guns fall in love with their shape and look. However, they are totally safe because of not having anything hard or dangerous to expel. Due to their gun-like look, they look intimidating. However, when people play with them, their perception about them and about other toy guns totally change. So, if you are convinced that these guns are not safe, you should try them yourself. Try any gel blaster gun. For instance, get gel blaster M4A1 at Tactical Edge Hobbies.

Why not any other toy gun?

In addition to being totally non-toxic and biodegradable, these guns are very easy to use as you don’t need to clean them before using. Furthermore, no matter which age group your child belongs to, they are suitable for them as they are not age-restricted.


Gel blasters are not harmful neither for the play nor for the environment. If your child continues to play games with gel blasters, he will eventually learn to defend himself and also to precisely shoot. You can buy them at very affordable rates from different physical and online stores.

These blasters can be a perfect gift for your child on his birthday. However, keep checking on him to see how he makes use of these guns.

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