Can Anyone Tell Me, Is it Safe to Use Panoxyl Acne Patches?

Can Anyone Tell Me, Is it Safe to Use Panoxyl Acne Patches

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Ok, so spoiler alert, I have since found out that PanOxyl acne patches are every bit as safe as they say they are, but it shouldn’t ruin the blog, as I’m sure you want to see my workings. So, just like in the movies, we’re now going to go back in time, by about three months…

A three-month-younger version of me is having problems with back acne. These problems aren’t allowing the worst of my spots to clear up and heal. It seemed to get worse at night, as I’m something of a sleep-scratcher. I got sufficiently annoyed to look into products that could help me, which is when I came across these patches. 

Hydrocolloid Power!

When opening the packet, the power of hydrocolloid gel (that’s found in the patches) is the answer to the problem. I peeled the backing off after having cleaned and dried the area properly (dryness is a must if you want them to stick, by the way) and put them in place. 

Weirdly, I’m allergic to the glue in band aids, so I was a little worried that this could also be a problem. But I found that they felt amazing once in place and I had no reaction at all. 

The aforementioned power of hydrocolloid relates to its ability to speed up healing and trap in moisture. It’s nothing new, to be honest, as it’s been around since the 1970s, but it’s only relatively recently been used in acne products like these. 

PanOxyl acne patches actually absorb fluid from within the wound, as well as any other debris in the vicinity. The benefits are just internal, as the patches actively stop you from scratching too. 

Are There Any Known Side Effects?

I’m particularly sensitive when it comes to my skin, so the fact that I had no issues with them should tell you a lot. The blend of chemicals in the patches is fairly basic, but very protective and nurturing, so most will only feel good things when wearing them.

They’re not meant for all types of acne, as the deeper stuff is a bit too much for it too handle. Blackheads aren’t helped either, but it’s horses for courses with this kind of thing. 

I Can Confirm PanOxyl Acne Patches Are Safe!

So long as you know what to expect when using PanOxyl acne patches, then you’ll get a lot of benefit from using them. They basically speed up healing and let you get on with leading your life. Sure, there may be an issue for some in terms of allergic reactions to glue, but that’s something you’re likely to know about already.

So, I can absolutely confirm that these amazing little acne patches do exactly what they say they do on the packaging. They’re suitable for most types of skin and once in place, it’s only a matter of time before your spots are history. Worth a look at the very least, wouldn’t you agree?

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