John Ritenour’s Unwavering Commitment to Philanthropy

John Ritenour’s Unwavering Commitment to Philanthropy

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Over 30 years ago, John Ritenour co-founded the Insurance Office of America, or IOA. From the beginning, community engagement was a founding pillar of IOA. John Ritenour established a company culture of generosity, which he and his son, Heath — IOA’s current CEO — continue to promote to this day.

IOA’s Early Days

When John Ritenour co-founded IOA in the 1980s, he already had numerous years of experience in the insurance industry. He was familiar with the negative impact management change had on employees when commissions were decreased and incentives were removed. Because of his experience, he wanted to try something different at IOA. John focused on creating a workplace where employees could experience growth in numerous facets of their lives, professional or otherwise. Furthermore, John’s desire to help others extended beyond the doors of IOA, ultimately benefiting the community in several ways.

Philanthropy Paired With a Positive Corporate Culture

Each year, IOA gives back to the local community in ways that make a lasting impact on local families in central Florida and beyond. Since the very first day, John Ritenour has recognized the importance of giving back to the communities that helped build IOA into what it is today. From a corporate 5K to Second Harvest Food Bank, there are fun ways for employees to get that great feeling from giving back to the community.

The Annual IOA Corporate 5K

In fact, since 1995, the Ritenours and IOA have hosted what has become the largest 5K in Florida. This event, called the “IOA Corporate 5K,” is affectionately known as the “largest office party in Orlando.” This fun nickname reflects the event’s dynamic and wholesome atmosphere that local Floridians have enjoyed for over 25 years now. The IOA Corporate 5K is an exhilarating mixture of competition and community engagement. Attendees can win good-hearted awards like the Workplace Wellness Award, Team Spirit Award and recognition for the best T-shirt design.

IOA Supports Local Food Banks

IOA is proud to offer proceeds and donations from the annual IOA Corporate 5K to central Florida charities and food banks. John Ritenour and IOA support the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, the Christian Service Center and the Track Shack Youth Foundation. By supporting these organizations, IOA is able to invest in local communities for years to come.

More About IOA

Based in Longwood, Florida, IOA now has 60 offices throughout the United States, England and Ireland. The company was recently named among the Top 100 Independent Property/Casualty Agencies in the United States by Insurance Journal Magazine. Over the years, the company has grown from a humble three-person organization to a 1,300 member company.

Throughout each stage of IOA’s growth, the Ritenour family has never forgotten the importance of incorporating community engagement, generosity and human connection into business. As Heath Ritenour pioneers IOA over the coming years, the company will continue to engage in a number of philanthropic activities that make a positive difference for communities around the globe.

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