Kamado BBQ Types for Every Budget

Kamado BBQ Types for Every Budget

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by rida

You may not be familiar with the phrase Kamado BBQ, but if you’re into enjoying fresh, homegrown produce and healthy meals that are simmered on the grill, this post is for you.

To make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the best Kamado BBQs for every budget. They all have different features which might suit your needs, so it’s worth reading on!

What types are there?

There are a few different Kamado BBQs to consider, each of which benefits from certain features. Some of the more popular types are ceramic grills, charcoal grills, and gas grills.

Kamado Ceramic Grill:

These can often be found in the traditional shape, with a glazed door on the top and a vent at the bottom. They usually have an adjustable vent on the top, too, so you can control how much heat is allowed in.

They benefit from holding very high temperatures for an extended period (up to 1000 degrees, in fact!), which is perfect for foods requiring slow and even cooking, such as steaks, whole chickens, or even pizza. They tend to be more expensive than other types of BBQ, but they’re worth it!

Kamado Charcoal Grill:

These are like a hybrid between a ceramic grill and an outdoor barbecue. They feature the same raised cooking area and adjustable temperature control, but you’ll often find more space below and around the cooking surface for storage or extra food prep area.

These are great if you’re looking for a similar experience to using a ceramic grill but also want the space to cook other things simultaneously.

They are usually cheaper than ceramic grills, so they’re great value!

Kamado Gas Grill:

As well as charcoal or traditional fuel, you can get kamado Kamado BBQ that run on gas. They’re like any other outdoor BBQs with this difference – there’s no messy charcoal to deal with!

If you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable, this could be a good advantage. The temperature control is handled by a gas regulator rather than an adjustable vent on top of the dome, which might get used.

If you’re new to kamado grill we would recommend sticking with charcoal for a while, but it’s always good to have options!

How to Use a Kamado BBQ?

Depending on the type of kamado BBQ you get, the usage is pretty similar. First, light your grill and wait for the charcoal or gas to burn off. Then add your choice of food and close the lid. That’s it! If you’re using a ceramic grill, you’ll need to open the vents above and below periodically as more heat escapes than with an ordinary BBQ. The vents are usually found on the side of the dome (a bit like ears!).

But how long do you leave it closed? It depends on what you’re cooking, but generally speaking, the best times are 10 minutes for a steak, 25 minutes for chicken, and 45 minutes for a whole salmon filet! 

If your kamado BBQ has a thermometer built into the lid, then that’s great. If not, it can be hard to tell if your chicken is cooked until the juices run clear. That might sound obvious, but you don’t want to leave it too long in one place, as the temperature could fluctuate a lot.

Is a kamado BBQ good for grilling?

Well, that’s up to you! It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve with cooking. If it’s for family feasts, then the marvelous thing about a kamado is that you can make lots of different things at once – side dishes and sauces included!

If you’re looking for an easy way to cook whole roasts, then a kamado will be perfect! You can try these out on your hibachi-style BBQ too.

If it’s just a few people and you don’t want to queue up for the barbecue, then the kamado might be a good alternative. There’s no need to have large amounts of charcoal or gas on standby, plus there are usually no cooking utensils or plates needed.

Just remember always to have a set of tongs ready nearby, though – they’re great for turning over food in the dome if it needs to cook more quickly!


Kamado BBQs are so versatile! They’re great for cooking various things but are also really easy to use. That makes them an excellent choice for the beginner – you don’t need much experience to cook on one! Or if you just fancy something different, we’d recommend getting a kamado BBQ as a gift for a loved one who loves to eat.

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