4 Reasons Why Keyword Research Means The Most To Your Amazon PPC Campaign

4 Reasons Why Keyword Research Means The Most To Your Amazon PPC Campaign

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Have you ever wondered about the role of keyword research in determining the success of any Amazon PPC campaign? Find out now in the article below!

If you happen to own an Amazon store, you have probably thought of running a PPC campaign at some point. Effective ads are arguably one of the motivators that bring back a high ROI and push the overall performance of your business.

However, not many marketers understand the ins and outs of Amazon PPC campaigns, including the basic groundwork required before initiating ad placement. That is why in today’s article, you will get a chance to look at the most significant factor when managing ads – keyword research. So let’s dive in now!

What Is Keyword Research?

A keyword is a phrase or term that potential Amazon users type in the search bar when they want to buy a particular item. Some keywords are highly sought after, like “laptop” or “PlayStation.” Others are more niche and less common, such as “reusable bamboo straws.” Either way, keywords are the definitive proof that indicates the interests and shopping intentions of buyers.

Hence, we have the term keyword research. It is the procedure in which businesses pour their time and effort into knowing what their target audience is looking for, how their products are usually referred to on the platform, and whether such keywords bring back expected results. After Amazon retailers identify a suitable set of keywords, they start bidding them and try to win the auction.

Why Is Keyword Research Important To Amazon PPC Campaign?

1. Amazon determines the outcome of each bidding based on the quality of keywords

Amazon’s algorithm – also known as A9 – evaluates each bid in a marketing campaign based on a few factors: the relevance of keywords, the sales history, and the amount of money businesses are willing to pay for each click. Needless to say, keywords account for a third of a successful bid. Therefore, the better your keywords are, the more chances your ads will climb up the ranking and appear at the top of the search result page.

Amazon determines the outcome of each bidding based on the quality of keywords

To achieve this goal, Amazon store owners must understand the unique selling points of what they have to offer and use a third-party website (for instance, keywordtool.io) to see how customers describe such products. Furthermore, the Autocomplete feature of the platform itself can be beneficial, as it provides insights into the most high-volume terms. Finally, for those of you without previous experience, you might even consider getting the help of an Amazon PPC management agency and let them handle the heavy work.

2. Competitors might also be using the same keywords

Another reason why keyword research is vital for an Amazon PPC campaign is that it closely ties with competitor research. When first entering the e-commerce market, a lot of start-up businesses are too busy with the store setup, inventory, R&D, etc. They do not pay attention to who they are about to go up against.

With more than 6.3 million sellers all over the world, the stiff competition is no joke. Therefore, you need to be prepared by learning as much as possible about brands offering the same line of products as yours.

Upon keyword research, you have an opportunity to see which rivals are utilizing phrases and terms. What’s more, with the right tracking tools, you can even estimate the effectiveness of said keywords.

From there, feel free to avoid useless, unnecessary keywords that create no impressions on potential customers. Instead, adopt what your rivals have used and make adjustments to level up the quality. Now, not only does your Amazon PPC campaign stand a higher chance of being sufficient, but it also outranks that of other businesses. Talking about killing two birds with one stone!

3. Keywords research boosts the growth of your business

Sometimes, enthusiasm and excitement lead you to open up an Amazon store, not experience or expertise. As a result, a feeling of disorientation and confusion may ensue. For those who have just started their career and do not know where to go next, keyword research is an excellent solution to develop your company gradually.

When you engage in keyword research, you are presented with a pool of knowledge. Everything from keyword optimization tips and tricks to the highest-performance phrases is significant, thus needing to be taken into account. Once you have understood the foundational grasp, it will be much easier to navigate your store.

Furthermore, performing keyword research calls for a number of assorted skills, including meticulousness, being quick on the update, sensitiveness to current trends, and knowing customer behaviors. Without saying, all of these skill sets are extremely valuable should you want to monitor and scale your business flawlessly.

4. Keywords help you put yourself in the customer’s shoes

Keywords help you put yourself in the customer’s shoes

A rookie mistake when it comes to keyword bidding is the assumptions of Amazon retailers. They fool around and think they have captured the psychological drive behind customers. They are confident with keywords they believe represent the desires and intentions of their target audience. But this cannot be further from the truth.

Customers are not sellers. They do not share the same mindset, and how shoppers perceive keywords is definitely different from what store owners might think.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that Amazon brands get into the minds of their target audience and see how they behave on the shopping platform. Through keyword research, you have concrete evidence about the specific terms and phrases users are after. This allows you to weed out groundless keywords that cost money for nothing.


Doing keyword research is just the first step in optimizing an Amazon PPC campaign. If you are capable of handling it on your own, then congratulations! But if not, rest assured that digital marketing professionals from olifantdigital.com are more than willing to assist. Here, you will find tailored advice and customized campaigns that guarantee to deliver satisfying results. Do not miss out on this fantastic offer!

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