Are You Familiar With Kreygasm? What Is Its Origin and How You Can Use It?


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The popular emotes on Twitch go beyond temporary trends or trendy memes. These emotional symbols are necessary to represent successive streaming platforms. During this process, things take place that the observer can scarcely define in words, so it is true that some images designate in a thousand arguments. Kreygasm is also one of the most popular emotes on Twitch. This article will tell you about Kreygasm emote, its origination, and much more. 

 Kreygasm is a Twitch emote used to symbolize happiness and pleasure. This emote streamer displays “KreyG” with satisfying facial expressions. This emote is primarily used on Twitch and is one of the oldest emotes on Twitch. Regardless of its advanced age, the Kreygasm emote is still broadly used and is frequently spammed in many large streams. This Twitch emote is also used to express surprise, shock, or pleasure, such as “wow,” “Holy Crap,” or “well.” It is also used when a suggestion is made on a stream or chat. It is generally used in response to excellent gameplay.

Kreygasm Meaning


It’s a Twitch emote introducing a photo of the well-known streamer “KreyG.” Twitch generally uses it to show something enjoyable or satisfying that the streamer organized.

Thus, Kreygasm is projected to be observed in two primary states. The first is when a suggestion is made on the stream, and another is when the streamer is involved in some MLG-level gameplay. However, it also expresses surprise, wonder, or pleasure.

Kreygasm Origin

Although Kreygasm is one of the most general chat emotes nowadays, its origin is indistinguishable. The critical picture gives the impression of being created in 2011, in response to many kreygs jokes about Justin’s TV series.

According to Kreyg, Hassan Bukhari, an employee of Justin TV, called him in March 2011 and asked him to submit an emote to use in the worldwide Justin Chat. While he primarily turned down the offer, a convincing repetitive joke in her chat made him compact with the situation.

A few months later, in August 2011, the term “Kreyg” was created during Kreyg’s streams. To add his internal comedy, he took a picture of himself to match it.

The picture was finally added to the Twitch roster on September 3, 2011. Since then, this emote has become a massive meme indoors and outdoors on Twitch. Now, it has become one of the evident emotes on the platform.


Your favorite streamer is watching a YouTube video, and a beautiful woman seems on display. Kreygasm.

How is “Kreygasm” pronounced?

Kreygasm is pronounced as “Krey-gah-sm.”

Popularity of Kreygasm

Kreygasm is a popular Twitch emote that originated from the streamer “KreyG.” The emote has spread and gained popularity due to his success. The typology of the emote can be described as a laugh followed by an indication of positive emotion. First, the user places both hands on their cheeks with precisely synchronized movements that match the laughter sound. Then, they lift their hands to one side while making small gestures as if they are laughing and then go back down to place them on their cheeks again. Thirdly a little human emoji appears at the top right side of their screen, which continues to move up and down, almost crying out in joy after every small gesture of laughing.


Kreygasm emote is one of the basic standards emote from all Twitch emotes. It should always be used when sending a message of happiness or satisfaction. It’s also used frequently when someone is crying over the content or if he wants to direct pleasure. It was launched in 2011 by Kreyg. Kreyg is a Twitch broadcaster. You can use this emote to express your pleasure and satisfaction during gameplay.

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What does Kreygasm’s face look like?

The Kreygasm face looks like “Kreyg,” a Twitch newscaster.

What was Kreygasm’s origin?

Kreygasm was created in 2011 when Twitch streamer Kreyg tested whether his portrait could be used as an emote. During that time, the term “kreygasm” appeared in Kreyg’s stream chat and later developed into an authorized emote on Twitch.

In which situation, Kreygasam emote can be used?

Kreygasm Twitch emotes are used to express excitement, wonder, or pleasure. It is commonly used as feedback for special gameplay. It is also used to respond to suggestions made on stream or in chat.

When was the “Kreygasm” emote held on the Twitch platform?

Kreygasm emote was held in 2011 on the Twitch platform.