Best Custom Nightbot Commands List for Twitch 2023

nightbot commands list

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Streaming on Twitch can be a lot of work, but it’s also entertaining and satisfying. It takes time to develop the layout, and it also takes time to learn how to use all the available features. Nightbot is a Twitch addon that offers quick and easy use for advertising, Streamers, and any other platform relating to streaming. Nightbot was set up to support moderate chats on several platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo. This article provides information about a custom Nightbot Commands List that you can use for motivation.

This Nightbot Commands List is a chatbot that compromises many benefits to Twitch Streamers, mainly chat control and instructions. It has the ability to automatically filter out bad language and links based on specific settings.

What Is Nightbot?

Nightbot is a comprehensive chatbot for live streaming, which offers automatic feedback and control over chat. With its default commands for many custom features, Nightbot can become your modern chat moderator for free.

In the streamer world, the game is very beneficial for streamers, who want to focus completely on their game and who have a large live audience. But the essential purpose of Nightbot is to confirm a smooth broadcasting experience irrespective of the number of live streamers.

How To Assist Nightbot On Twitch?

It is effortless for Twitch to assist Nightbot on Twitch. First, go to nightbotTv and create an account. Next, log in via Twitch and click the “Okay” button. Log in to your Dashboard and join the channel, then type “/ mod nightbot” in your Twitch Chat to give the bot the permissions it requests.

Each command should be modified before Nightbot is added to your channel. Viewers can see your active custom binds by typing commands into the Nightbot dashboard. You can either turn on or turn off the desired commands, and then add custom commands.

Top Nightbot Commands List For Twitch

nightbot commands list

Commands respond to particular customer input that activates the message from the bot. Maximum Nightbot commands begin with an exclamation point. These can also be made by standard input.

There are some of the best Nightbot Commands List for Twitch in 2022 that are used by popular streamers.

  • !commands – Permits customers to view a list of channel commands.
  • !death-Death or a related measure of how many times a character has died in the game.
  • !title – Permits customers to view the existing title of the series and permits moderators to change the title.
  • !game -Shows a live stream of the current game. Moderators can also change game titles through this command.
  • !social – Permits customers to share all social channels simultaneously via Twitch Chat.
  • !poll – Permits moderators to create user pools within the chat.
  • !winner – Permits moderators to select a random active user as the winner.
  • !songs – Permits customers to demand songs. Moderators can accomplish these demands.
  • !filters – Permits moderators to accomplish spam protection filter settings.

Nightbots can do different things. It can reply with a link, reply with a custom link, reply with a random canned message, or count. It can also give information regarding climate. The Best Custom Nightbot Commands List For Twitch 2023 is the easiest way to get started tracking game stats, managing chat with comments and messages, creating custom rooms, and more. The Twitch Customer Support Bot allows you to automate and organize your admin tasks on Twitch. It has many built-in commands and allows moderators to manage custom commands. This will be a great bot for streamers and platform moderators.


Nightbot is a device that can be used to moderate your chats. Now, you can easily upgrade your twitch account and also add Nightbot to your twitch account. Nightbot commands List can be modified to suit a particular streamer. For example, Rachell “Rae” Hofstetter added a “! Tips” command that provides a guide for those interested in the stream, as well as binding in-game settings! DPI, Sens. Customers are often concerned with settings and other related commands, and Nightbot can offer answers to all these questions.

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How did Nightbot get its name?

It was renamed Konabot when the company he worked for closed down, but Kona didn’t want it to be named after him. So, he suggested the name “Nightbot” instead, which you still see as the bot’s name today.

Can Nightbot only be used when it’s live?

If you’re using YouTube gaming, your series must be live. The more active the chat, the faster Nightbot will receive messages due to the limitations of YouTube gaming chat. Nightbot will work all the time if you are using Twitch.

Name some widely used Nightbot commands?

Donate,!death, Social, Shutout, and Quote are some widely used commands on Nightbot.