Leaking Shower – Causes and Solutions

    Leaking Shower - Causes and Solutions

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    Untreated shower leaks are annoying and expensive to repair. Some leaks get fixed quickly, while sometimes, you need professional help. If you notice leaks in your shower, investigate the root of the problem. Let us discuss the causes of leaking showers and what are the solutions!

    Shower Head:

    Shower Head Leakages are typically caused by-

    • Mineral Deposit
    • Cracked Cartridge
    • Handle in off position

    Shower Tray:

    Shower leaks mainly occur in the joint between the shower tray and the wall. That could be because of-

    • Movement of your shower tray
    • If poor adhesive was applied or if there is mold in the sealant
    • Faulty shower seals

    Mixer Valve:

    A dripping mixer valve can easily be fixed. Reasons why mixer valve leaks are-

    • A loosened tap washer
    • Damage to the tap
    • Loosened O-ring

    Water supply leak:

    A leak in the shower’s water supply can be a big reason your shower is not working. Also, it makes a problem if it is incorrectly fitted.

    Grout Problems:

    A grouting issue in your shower and the wall can easily be fixed. Reasons for grout issues can be

    • Gaps or chips in tile grouting.
    • Fracture or crack in grouting between the shower tray and wall

    So these are the common causes of a leaking shower. Let’s discuss how to fix it.


    Once you find the source of shower leaks, it is time to fix them. Again, you can Apply DIY techniques. Hidden leaks (like a pipe connection leak) should be left to plumbers. If the problem is within the shower structure (in seals, grout, or silicone), you have 2 choices.

    Watch youtube tutorials on how to fix shower leakage and apply the hand tips. Or the 2nd choice is to leave the matter to experts. Premium tiling Sydney offers a solution to your problems at a reasonable budget. It will save you time and stress. Knowing the work has been done correctly gives you peace of mind. 

    Professional Shower Repairs

    When you are going to choose a plumbing company, get to learn a few things about them. How is their service? Are they knowledgeable? Is their service friendly enough? How quickly can they serve? (because plumbing issues are emergencies) Check if they have good records of serving. And how much they cost! Professionals like premium tiling Sydney offer seasonal discounts and some advantage with every next service you take from them.

    The best thing about professional services like premium tiling Sydney comes with a warranty. Our experts are trained individuals with several years of experience. They know how to fix a problem and what tool to use for individual issues. Besides that, they guide you with some DIY techniques that may help with minor problems. Our service is customer-friendly and on time. Be it midnight or in the evening, our team is always ready to help you.


    Shower leakage is one of the common problems you face in the bathroom. Mindful maintenance is the first thing to do. Frequent cleaning will also contribute to the tap’s health and longevity. If there is still a problem, don’t forget to contact premium tiling Sydney

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