Light Fitting Ideas To Try At Your Home In 2023

Light Fitting Ideas To Try At Your Home In 2022
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Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Proper light fittings Adelaide shed emphasis on a particular wall or a decor item present in the room. This defines the whole outlook of your room. A properly illuminated house makes it easier to get various tasks done. 

Are you thinking about giving your house a makeover but not knowing where to start? You can transform the whole ambiance of your house by adding new light fittings and replacing the previous ones. The different types and shapes of light fittings available in the market serve as home decor. 

Here is a list of light fitting ideas that you should try at your home: 

A Grand Chandelier Can Be Installed In The Living Room

The living room should have a unique art decor and lighting system. What can be more suitable than having chandeliers serve both purposes? Having a grand Chandelier hung from the center of your ceiling diverts everyone’s attention. You can also use the chandelier’s light for reading or working.

Drum Lighting For Dining Space

Having a bunch of drum lights hung from the middle of the ceiling, exactly on top of the dining table, looks good. The drum lights, being small in size, give just the required emphasis and additional lighting source for your dining room. In addition, Dead Short Electrical provides adequate length for the drum light while hanging it.

Sconce Lighting For Your Bathroom

A bathroom has a lot of amenities in a small space. However, not much time is spent in the bathrooms. Therefore, you should go for minimal lighting fitting that does not divert people’s attention from the amenities. You can place scones in your bathroom to avoid providing excess light.

Installing Task Light In The Kitchen

The kitchen can become a dangerous place for working if adequate light is not provided. Hence, a task light uplifts the kitchen’s ambiance while also simultaneously providing light concentrated towards a specific counter of the kitchen.

Lampshades For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is for rest, and hence adequate care should be taken to install light fittings that don’t glare your eyes. For example, a pendant-shaped light fitting should be hung from the ceiling of the room. Additionally, bedside lamp shades emitting a warm yellow hue of light should be kept to soothe your eyes light fittings, Adelaide.

White LED Light Designs

You can, in general, opt for a good design that emits LED light. For example, a warm white color LED placed on one of the walls of your home will give your house a unique look. Even without switching on the LED light, you can be sure of making heads turn.


If you are bored with the current interior decoration of your house but have budget constraints, you can transform the light fittings of your home instead. Dead Short Electrical helps in this endeavor. Adequate lighting prevents individuals from feeling low. It also is an antidote for depression. For the past couple of years, most of my time has been spent working at home. Therefore, it is high time that adequate attention is being paid to your home’s light fittings. Your mental well-being and professional aspect of life can be easier to deal with by just having proper light fittings in different areas of the house.

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