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Hand truck

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It may look like one of the primitive types of equipment on the list of equipment that you need in your industry or factory premises but the fact is that a hand truck Melbourne is still one of the widely used equipment that you need in any industry.

Now there are lots of things to consider before looking at a hand truck or a hand trolley whatever you call it. and even though the two pieces of equipment may look different in shape and size both of the equipment are used for one thing above all.

And that is to carry loads, objects, and items in your industry.

Although you might now be having a warehouse still you any manufacturing unit or processing unit or assembling unit will need a hand trolley Melbourne or even loads of them to regularly carry the raw materials and the finished items.

Here we will look at the few parts of a hand trolley and see what features you can avail yourself of them based on the industry that you are in.

Looking at the eternal design on your trolley

When you look at the external design one of the two trolleys that you have to choose from is the push trolleys and pull trolleys.

Well from a safety point of view it is always better to go with the push trolleys instead of the pull ones as the pull ones have always a risk of pulling over your legs and injuring the staff or the workers in your commercial premises.

It is due to this that you will always need a push hand trolley Melbourne.

When you look at the composition material of the trolley you have a load of options to choose from such as metals like aluminum and iron.

Both of them are electroplated and galvanized to give them a smooth look but more importantly, they also make the trolleys corrosion resistant. You can expect these trolleys to be highly durable even in the most demanding extremities of the environment such as extreme heat, rain, or snow.

The metal ones always have the best sturdiness giving it the highest amount of load-bearing capacity.

If you want them to be used for lighter goods carrying purposes you can choose to go with the wooden trolleys.

For carrying the most lightweight objects and for a lighter hand truck Melbourne you can choose the ones made of plastic. Remember that the plastic hand trolleys have the least load carrying capacity and thus they are good for transporting lighter objects such as plastic bottles, plastic scrap items, jars, canisters, drums, or even cartons.

Checking out the load platform of the trolley

The next thing that you focus on goes to any hand trolley Melbourne is the load platform. Yes, the load platform is the platform where the load object, goods, and transportable items are kept before they are transported to a designated area.

The loading platform has a load-carrying capacity of its own that is demarcated on the side itself. Check this out before you buy one.

Remember that the load-carrying capacity of your hand trolley Melbourne thus depends on two things- the load platform and the external composition material using which the trolley has been made.

Importance of having safety straps on the trolleys

As far as the safety features on your trolley are considered you always need to go with the push trolleys as mentioned above. Apart from this, there are a few more things that you want to consider.

The load that you are carrying around in your industry might be highly fragile and tender. Thus there is always a risk of them getting damaged if it falls from the load platform.

Thus there is an urgent need to secure the load using safety straps which you can find in any hand truck or hand trolley Melbourne. 

The safety straps might be attached and come with the trolley itself or you might have to buy them separately as well.

Checking out the wheels of the trolley

Coming to the bottom section of the trolley you need to consider the wheels of the hand truck Melbourne.  It is best that by spending a bit more money on each hand trolley you buy the ones that have pneumatic puncture-proof wheels.

Better wheel quality will also reduce the damage to the load section that includes the load platform or the items kept on it during any jerking.

The wheels also need to have adjustable manual brakes especially if you want to use your trolleys on sloping surfaces.

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