Lost Ark: Which Class to Start With

Lost Ark: Which Class to Start With

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Lost Ark is coming to western regions soon. Here are the best classes to start the game with:

Lost Ark is about to drop in western regions very soon, and gamers are excited to see what made this game popular in Asia. Gamers can start creating their Lost Ark accounts as the popular MMORPG will arrive in the second week of February. Once the game goes live, it’s expected that hundreds of players will swarm the server to start their adventures in the world of Arkesia. Lost Ark will be a fresh new game for western audiences, however, players from Asia have already experienced the game since 2019. Taking a few tips from this region, which classes would be most useful for gamers who are just starting out? Let’s find out.

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an ARPG developed by Smilegate RPG that features battle systems and gameplay similar to Path of Exiles and Diablo. The game has gorgeous graphics and has a lighter but immersive mood compared to PoE’s dark and gloomy atmosphere. Lost Ark is set in the world of Arkesia, where gamers embark on a quest to stop the demon Kazeros from destroying the world. The players need to find the Lost Ark used to fight the demon before he breaks out of his volcanic prison. Gamers will have to get stronger by farming Lost Ark gold and getting good equipment in order to succeed in their mission.

For the past few years, the game has only been available to Asian players and was under closed beta testing in other regions. The positive reception and popularity of the game in countries that were selected to host their PBE and Beta servers prompted Smilegate RPG to fully launch the game in western shores.

Lost Ark Classes

Before players start their adventure in Arkesia, they’ll have to create a character first. The type of character they create dictates what kind of playstyles they’ll adhere to and what items will be better on them. Here is the list of classes that players can choose from:


  • Berserker
  • Paladin
  • Gunlancer 

Martial Artist

  • Striker
  • Wardancer
  • Scrapper
  • Soulfist


  • Gunslinger
  • Artillerist
  • Deadeye


  • Bard
  • Sorceress/Summoner




Best Beginner Classes

Some of the playable classes in Lost Ark can be quite complex, especially for those who are new to the game. For western regions, it would be logical to start with the most beginner-friendly class first so they can familiarize themselves with the gameplay and mechanics of the game. Gamers will be put into battle most of the time and fight large swaths of enemies. Classes that deal huge damage while having good survivability are good characters to start with. Here are the most beginner-friendly classes in the game:

  • Warriors with Berserker as their advanced class – The warrior class is a sturdy class that deals great damage paired with their decent defense stats. Berserkers have great range due to their broadswords, enabling them to deal huge damage from a close but safe distance.
  • Mages with Summoner/Sorceress as their advanced class – Mages deal out the most AoE elemental damage among all the classes in the game. Summoners can summon multiple minions or pets that will assist them in battle. These minions can tank and deal damage to enemies, essentially removing the focus of their opponents away from the Summoner.
  • Mages with Bard as their advanced class – Mages also provide good support spells like heals and buffs. The Bard, in particular, focuses on supporting their team more than others. Since these characters tend to stay away from fights to support their team from a distance, Bards are some of the best beginner-friendly classes in the game.
  • Martial Artists with either Striker or Wardancer as their advanced classes – Martial Artists are quick and agile fighters that rely on combos and quick attacks to take down their opponents. Strikers and Wardancers are some of the most agile characters in the game making it hard for enemies to hit them. Their survivability, paired with their easy combo attacks, makes them one of the best classes to start with.

Best Tank Classes

Tank is undoubtedly a very important role in any MMORPG that has raids or exploration features. The ability to soak up damage in exchange for losing offensive stats enables tanks to receive all the beating for their parties while their teammates deal damage. Here are the best tank classes for Lost Ark:

  • Warriors with Gunlancer as their advanced class – Gunlancers are one of the most versatile classes in the game since they can specialize in either dps, tanking, or supporting. However, they are undisputed as the best tank class in the game. Their ability to soak up damage with their armor and block special attacks from bosses make them the best class for tanking.
  • Warriors with Paladin as their advanced class – Paladins are a mixture of tanking and supporting. Their ability to stay on the frontlines while buffing their teammates makes them invaluable in tight situations.
  • Martial Artists with Scrapper as their advanced class –Though not as agile as other Martial Artist classes, Scrappers make up for their lack of mobility with their sturdiness and strengths. Instead of attacking with swift combos, this class focuses on dealing single, but strong punches. Aside from strong heavy attacks, Scrappers also ensure their survival by building up their endurance, making them one of the tankiest classes in the game.

Best Support Classes

A party’s chance of surviving explorations and raids is largely dependent on their support. These classes ensure that their teammates are strong and healthy enough to face any foe that they come across. Supports can either help their teammates by healing them, buffing them, or providing crowd-control. Here’s the list of the best supports in the game:

  • Mages with Bard or Summoner as their advanced class – Both Bards and Summoners can provide buffs and heals to their party. However,  the Bard is more suited to ensuring survivability as they specialize more in supporting magic and have stronger buffs and heals. Meanwhile, Summoners lean more tpwards the offensive support as they can help damage enemies while providing helpful spells.
  • Warriors with Paladin or Gunlancer as their advanced classes – Both Gunlancers and Paladins are good tanks in the game. However, their ability to buff or crowd control enemies also makes them decent supports. These classes are the best initiators in the game.
  • Martial Artist with Soulfist as their advanced classes – Soulfists are known as the jack-of-all-trades in the game since they can pretty much do anything. One particular aspect that they excel in is supporting. Though they can’t provide great healing spells and buffs like the Mages and Paladins, they can still support their teammates as offensive supports by providing damage and crowd control to their enemies.

Best DPS Classes

No party is complete without the damage dealers. DPS classes are characters who sacrifice their defense and survivability in exchange for huge amounts of damage. Their ability to deal damage quickly makes them the most important figures in taking down enemies. Here are the best DPS classes in the game:

  • Gunner with Sharpshooter or Gunslinger as their advanced classes – Both the Sharpshooter and Gunslinger classes are some of the greatest damage dealers in the game. However, they differ in playstyle and in attack range. Sharpshooters are one of the most popular DPS classes in the game due to how much damage they deal even at great distances. Their ability to take down opponents from afar ensures their usefulness and their survivability. Gunslingers, on the other hand, have a shorter attack range, but in return, they deal massive damage in a short period of time.
  • Martial Artist with Scrapper or Soulfist as their advanced classes – Both Soulfist and Scrappers are the best damage dealers in the Martial Artist class. Scrappers deal strong heavy attacks, while Soulfists provide a lot of elemental combos and other attacks that are suitable for various situations.
  • Assassin with Deathblade as their advanced class – Deathblades deal the most damage in the game thanks to the flurry of attacks their blades provide. This class has the lowest health points in order to balance them out since they already deal so much damage.

There are tons of other classes in the game that players can try out. Though some of them may not be the best DPS, support, or tank classes, they’re still used for a variety of situations. Lost Ark inserts players into various dangers and circumstances that will require them to get help from other classes. Each advanced class has its own niche or role to play in the endgame or advanced gameplay, so Lost Ark accounts with other classes not discussed in this guide are still useful and enjoyable in more ways than one.

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