How to Buy The Best Mahogany Hair Gye – a Complete Guide For Online Buyers

How to Buy The Best Mahogany Hair Gye – a Complete Guide For Online Buyers

Last Updated on June 9, 2022 by azamqasim

Buying the best mahogany hair dye can turn out to be quite a difficult task. Especially since there is not much information on the web to help you choose the best mahogany hair dye. Most of the products available online claim to be safe and organic, but are in fact packed with dangerous chemicals. Read this guide to know about the right dye for your hair and scalp.

Know the benefits

Can the prime benefits of choosing the right hair dye include prevention of split hair ends, dandruff and hair fall? Certain hair colour product brands have come up with mahogany hair dye formulations that are based on PHAB-free technology. These are organically natural hair colour brands, which not only save your hair from ultraviolet rays, but also nourish your scalp keeping them free from allergies and itchiness.

Organically made

Search for the mahogany hair dye that is composed of organically natural herbs.

Aloe Vera makes your hair shiny and maintains the pH value of your scalp. This herb is also known to nourish the scalp. pH tells us about the chemical well-being of our hair and scalp.

Henna is one of the oldest hair colorants known to the mankind. It stops the occurrence of dandruff, and also repairs and heals the cuticles. Henna also makes your hair shinier and it renders a reddish hue to the hair. It works as a damage-free hair colour and stops hair fall, hair loss and damage.

Indus Valley’s gel-based mahogany hair dye particularly comes to mind that also contains jojoba oil that keeps the scalp germ-free. Jojoba hair oil is also known to aid in hair regrowth.

Besides Jojoba, this high quality organically natural hair colour brand also contains Wheat Germ Oil, which is a naturally occurring substance that keeps the hair elastic, stimulates its growth and moisturises the scalp and hair.

Sunflower has vitamins, calcium, potassium, etc. that protect and nourish your hair. Indus Valley superior mahogany hair dye also contains sunflower extract in adequate amounts. Applying this hair colour protects your hair from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. If you work for long hours in the sun, you may consider buying and applying this excellent organic hair dye to maintain your scalp and hair health.

There are other organic extracts also which makes it the best mahogany hair dye in the market. Amla is known to have good amounts of Vitamin C that maintains your hair health. Honey stops infections, psoriasis, and other diseases on your scalp. It is an excellent antiseptic and keeps bacteria away from the scalp. The product is particularly beneficial for those with dry hair. Basil leaf extracts are good for those having brittle hair. They strengthen the hair shaft, control itchiness in the scalp and are generally particularly good for your hair health.

Safe for use

You must also make sure that your mahogany hair dye has no hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and PPD. If you are allergic to these chemicals, then Indus Valley’s mahogany hair dye would be best for you. The product is completely safe for use and contains no heavy metals, either. It is Halal certified, and the color stays for up to 6 weeks on your hair.


The mahogany hair dye comes as a package including one Aloe Honey Gel Tube (120 ml), 4 packets of 5 gram each of the herbal hair colour powder, and a colour protection shampooing conditioner (50 ml). One Hair Eaze Spa Masks (2×15 ml) is also included. The instruction booklet works as a guide for usage. While the applicator brush, a comb and a pair of gloves help in keeping the colouring experience neat and clean.

To sum up, your organic hair colour brand should have multiple benefits, be safe, and must be easy to use. Indus Valley mahogany hair dye is tested and certified by doctors, to be a damage-free hair color that can be used by both men and women. It suits most hair types and could be the right product for you.

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