Managing Your Career, Health And Motherhood Simultaneously

Managing Your Career, Health And Motherhood Simultaneously

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You may have heard new moms complaining about the lack of time in their lives. The pressure is immense, which takes a toll on their physical and mental health as well. The anxiety that new mothers face is if their babies are doing alright. This thought tears them apart, especially at the workplace. No wonder some employers allow mothers to bring their newly born to the office! But not all workplaces are suitable for infants. 

So how can working mothers deal with their responsibilities without getting more anxious? Scroll on!

Create a schedule and stick to it

Like budgeting helps cut down on spending, scheduling can help you manage time for work, life and motherhood. If you are a new mom, divide the hours in a day into three main sections – your baby’s time, work and quality ‘you’ time. As your infant’s needs may not follow a schedule, you may have to adjust the two other sections accordingly. But scheduling will help you feel less frustrated in normal circumstances. Dealing with emergencies, however, will be different. 

Prioritise, prioritise and prioritise

Mothers need to prioritise their tasks every step of the way. When the baby is young, s/he should be your priority, but you need to juggle responsibilities even then. From buying safe and healthy products for your babies to ask your employers to relax regulations in urgent situations, you need to take care of everything in a systematic manner. You may visit here for more information about safe and natural baby products to ensure your little one’s health. It is best not to expose your infant to the chemical products in the market and be selective. 

Do not feel guilty

While working in the office, you should not feel guilty about leaving your baby at home. Make sure that someone, who is almost as responsible as you are, is with them. There’s nothing to be guilty about, as your career will help you give a better life to your child in this expensive world. Hire an experienced babysitter to take care of your little angel in your absence. You should do background research on the babysitter while appointing her and make sure you pick someone through references. Trust is essential while choosing the babysitter, so if you can’t seem to trust the person, no matter their experience, it is best not to hire them. 

Use a proper communication platform

The advancements in technology have made it easier for mothers to keep track of their children’s welfare while at the office. You can maintain seamless communication with the babysitter when at work by holding video calls and through Whatsapp voice messages. It will also cut down your anxiety and help you focus on the task at hand. Be reachable at all times, so that the babysitter can contact you at times of emergencies. It means you should not keep your phone on silent mode even when you are in a meeting. Your colleagues and employer will understand your point, so no need to worry. 

Invest in quality products

Apart from the baby’s needs, you should invest in some quality products for yourself. For example, you can check out some highly-quality mother care products for the post-natal phase to enhance your health and well being. So do not neglect your health, both physical and mental, as it will reflect on the child. 

Do not fall for distractions

Distractions are not practical for working mothers, as they are tight on their schedules. You need to cut down your social media usage, unless for work, and stop spending too much time chatting with people unnecessarily. Use that time to pursue your hobbies, do things you love, or get a salon appointment for a self-pampering session. It will ease your stress and help you carry out your responsibilities with a fresh mind.

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences if you can enjoy it to the fullest. Yes, your responsibilities will increase, but that is a part of growing up. You will learn so many things in this phase and grow along with your child. So use your time wisely and take practical decisions. It will be a smooth flow for you. 

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