What does it mean to get a cake from the man you are dating?

What does it mean to get a cake from the man you are dating?

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Oh, the lovely world of dating and courting… Going through the various stages of dating is fun and exciting! The guessing game that we play, the anticipation in our mind, the chemistry that unfolds… There are many aspects of dating that give us butterflies in our stomachs. Unfortunately, along with these butterflies, we also get anxious and fall victim to uncertainty, and the question that comes to our mind is whether or not the man we are seeing is also falling for us… little by little.

Perhaps the birthday is one of the most extensive clarifications providing time in your dating phase. You get a reality check of where you stand in your relationship with the man you have been seeing. When a man buy awesome birthday gifts online, it reveals a deep emotional connection, whereas a gift like cake might set you up for a day of guessing your emotions and commitment. And, as cake seems to be one of the most common gifts, you need to know what exactly your birthday cake from the man you are dating means – whether it is a friendly gift or a gift that expresses his undying love for you?

Decoding a cakey gift!

Ordering a cake for the woman a man is dating is a gesture that is highly appreciated, especially by their ladies. This happens because they most likely do not have the time to bake a special cake for their special someone, even if they want to! If the man you are dating is, in fact, a pro baker and does bake a cake for you, it still does not clear up the question – of whether it is a cordial gift or a ‘love’ gift? However, if the man you are dating has no clue about baking or even cooking and still manages to bake a semi burnt and still gooey in the centre cake, you know exactly how deeply he desires you!

Sentimental values

What are these things that he knows of that may surprise you? Men are generally not sentimental, but they see things plainly as they are. The little pink rose on top of the cake online may not be as significant as you imagined it. Rather it was a decoration he might have chosen for you simply because he saw you wear that favourite pink blouse several times when you two went out on a date. Rather it was just the poetry available in the files of the personnel in the cake delivery service who were obliged to give in to your fiance’s request to attach a romantic poem.

But, some facts are sweet enough to embrace because the other person who gave the cake to you knows things about you and decided to use that knowledge to please you. Among those things are the following:

‘I know it is your birthday.’

When you are busy with your work, you forget already what day it is. You will ask your workmate whether it will be your day off tomorrow or if there is such a thing as a rest day. But a man who gives you a birthday cake takes time to note on his organiser or on the reminder feature of his mobile phone that today is your birthday. Not only that, but he also got in touch with the online cake website to order your favourite cake.

‘I know you love chocolates or strawberries or <insert any cake flavour>’

If a man orders a chocolate cake for you, it is because he knows you love chocolates. When he orders a cake online, he will usually be asked what flavour he would choose. There are strawberry, cherry, mango, and other flavours he may choose for you, but since he is aware that chocolate is your favourite, he will order that flavour just to win your heart. Though male species may not be as emotional as the females, they tend to please the former.

Giving a lady what she wants, especially when it comes to tangible things, is no easier task for a man than researching poetry! So enjoy the love-filled cake your man has ordered from the birthday gift app for you. After all, it is as sweet as his longing for you!

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