What to keep in mind when buying a dining table for your home

What to keep in mind when buying a dining table for your home

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Your dining set is the most high-traffic piece of furniture you’ll have in your home. It receives visitors, it’s the main focus when entertaining guests, but most importantly it’s where you have your meals with your family and friends. The dining set is a practical piece of furniture that not only offers you comfort but also looks great in a variety of settings, from smaller bistro sets to large 8-10 person dining tables. So how do you choose the best one for your space or needs?

The first step is to start with research work. Consider looking at websites that sell dining tables.

Things to consider when choosing your dining table


Wooden sets are available in multiple types of wood and finishes, including teak, oak, ash, mango, and walnut. Each wood has its unique characteristics, such as grain patterns, knots and color tones. You can even buy metal or plastic sets if you’re not into natural timber.

Size and shape of table

Round tables are a perfect fit for smaller spaces while rectangular tables can be used in larger rooms where there’s more room to seat guests. If your space is limited then think about an extending dining table which offers the flexibility of having one table that seats four when fully extended but easily folds down to seat two or four with the drop leafs closed.

To give your dining set longevity opt for solid timber chairs rather than cheaper options made from veneers or chipboard. Choose chairs with a hard-wearing finish like lacquer as this will help them stay looking good for years to come. Rubberwood and teak are great options.

Once you have decided on the size of table and chairs that you require, their styles must complement each other. When choosing a dining set it is best to stick with a traditional design or contemporary if that is what suits your home best. Also, consider the room that the furniture will be placed in. It should fit in nicely with the decor and not look out of place.

Once you have decided on which style of dining set you prefer, it is important to think about where this will be placed. Will it be an indoor or outdoor set? Some dining sets are designed specifically for indoor use while others are created for outdoors. These types of sets can be quite expensive, so make sure you choose wisely! If you do decide to go for an outdoor dining set, ensure that it has been treated against all types of weather damage (especially rain).

Choose your set according to its intended use as well. A breakfast nook or small kitchen may only require a small table and two chairs while a full dining room will require more space and seating capacity. You’ll also want to consider storage space when choosing your set. If space is at a premium, choose pieces that are foldable or stackable.