The Mission Of Asif Ali Gohar: Using Rice To Change Vegan Leather

The Mission Of Asif Ali Gohar: Using Rice To Change Vegan Leather

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We all have dreams and aspirations that we want to fulfill in our lives. Of course, not all of us have the resources to execute our mission and our dreams. Asif Ali Gohar has been living in Germany, and his mission is to change the vegan leather industry.

He aims to do this by using rice as a vegan alternative to leather. Here is what you must know about his mission and journey.

Asif Ali Gohar’s Introduction

Asif Ali Gohar is thirty years old, and he was born in Karachi, Pakistan. However, when Asif was twelve years, he and his family shifted to Hamburg, Germany. During this time, Asif went through an awakening and realized that we should not kill animals for food as they also feel pain.

By the age of fifteen, Asif went vegan and stopped consuming meat altogether. Finally, a project in high school came along, and it sparked Asif’s interest in vegan leather. After that, he enrolled in university later, where he began experimenting with vegan alternatives to leather.

A Journey Of Experimentation

During his university times, Asif started experimenting to find the best vegan alternative to leather. He stumbled onto rice and has not looked back since. He has found a way to transform rice into a leather slime using other ingredients such as acetic acid and yeast.

Of course, this did not come easy, and it took Asif a lot of time, effort, money, and resources to reach this point. However, there are a few reasons why Asif chose rice as the vegan alternative to leather:

1. Accessible

Rice is easily accessible. It is available everywhere, and it has many varieties that one can experiment with. Because of this, Asif did not have to spend too much time looking for resources as rice is a staple and available everywhere.

2. Cost-Effective

Vegan leather is incredibly expensive right now because other producers are using expensive materials. On the other hand, rice is affordable, which means that it keeps the cost low for Asif. Besides that, other people will also not have to pay too much for this vegan leather.

3. Connecting With Roots

Using rice also has a personal touch because it pays tribute to Asif’s home and roots. Here are the top reasons why rice is a tribute to Pakistan:

  • Among other economies, Pakistan is the tenth largest exporter of rice
  • Pakistan produces 8% of the total rice trade in the world
  • People in Pakistan have immense knowledge about rice
  • 4% of Pakistan’s GDP is a result of leather exports

All of these reasons contribute to Asif choosing rice.

Join Asif In His Mission Today

If you are in the rice, leather, or investor industry of Pakistan, you must join hands with Asif today. Tap into this industry and transform Pakistan with one vegan leather product at a time. For more information on this, please feel free to get in touch with Asif Ali Gohar today.

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