Must Have Plumbing Tools At Your Home

Must Have Plumbing Tools At Your Home
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Plumbing and electricity are the two most important factors for a homeowner, among other things. You should have specific tools for emergencies. Yes, you can quickly call or hire an electrician or a plumber, but what if it is something fundamental that needs to be fixed right away. 

But even if your plumber or electrician is a call away, it does no harm to keep the tools in hand. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the plumbing tools that you must have at your home for emergencies.

Pipe wrench:

A pipe wrench has to be present in the kit. You will notice that a plumbing toolkit will never be complete without a pipe wrench. For example, nuts and pipes are everywhere in a bathroom that has to be frequently mended. This tool will help you remove, loosen and tighten the pipes. 

According to the size of fitting or connection, this tool can be adjusted as it comes with a shape protruding like a jaw. To turn the pipe, the tightened jaws are used. You will need two pipe wrenches, one to turn and one to hold the object.

Metal file:

You must have a metal file if you are using a hacksaw. The metal file will help you smoothen and file a fresh cut of metal piece as the name suggests. 

A metal file is a rat-tail file with an existing place in your toolbox. Also, metal files are available in several shapes. You should look for Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting on the web to know more about it.


As a homeowner, you must have the tool, pliers. A plier is needed to solve your electrical and plumbing issues like valves, assemblies, and joints. You will notice that there are pliers available in different sizes and shapes. 

Pliers will give you a stronghold of objects and nuts that consist of small jaws on the side. The longer ones are responsible for plastic covering for solid grip and insulation. And the steel metal offers longevity and prevents corrosion. Search for blocked drains Coomera on the web.


Another necessary tool is a spanner. It is used to find extreme utility in your house. You must have a spanner set at your home since you might have different sizes of nuts fitted. 

One of them is the double open-end spanner, the second is the combination of right-end and open-end, and the third is the double ring end spanner. Also, you must search for blocked drains Coomera on the web.    


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with everything you need to know about the plumbing tools you must have at your home for emergencies that we mentioned above after thorough research. 

For instance, in the critical pandemic stage, when we were all stuck at home and something went wrong with the tap, we found a way to fix them because it was impossible to get help.

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