Everything You Need To Know To Become A Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer

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If you are an aspiring marine engineer, this post will guide you through all the information needed to become a good marine engineer from a reputed marine college in India. Read to know and accordingly choose your career option. 

If you are in the age of 18-28 years, have done schooling in science stream and always dreamt big to have a lucrative career, this post will brief you with all the information needed to help you understand the steps to become a Marine Engineer. Marine Engineering is one of the branches of engineering that deals with design and construction, handling operations, and maintenance of the ship, vessels, and vehicles on the ship or around the water. 

Hence, to make your career in Marine engineering and to get qualified in one of the reputed marine colleges in India, here are the insights you must know.

Educational details:

With the endless growth happening in the marine industry backed by continuous research and development, aspiring marine engineers can start pursuing a program that teaches marine mechanics or techniques. However, to understand the work of a marine engineer, it is necessary to hold a degree in marine engineering technology. There are various courses available in the reputed marine colleges in India. These are categorized as under-graduate, post-graduate, or Diploma. Some of these popular courses that candidates can pursue depending on their qualifications are:

  • B.Tech in Marine Engineering
  • B.Sc. in Marine Engineering
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering

These programs will prepare students to build their career on land or at sea. Majorly, these engineering programs will include:

  • Marine Engineering Fundamentals 
  • Fundamentals of Naval Architecture
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Information on systems related to steam/diesel/gas 
  • Thermodynamics

Eligibility Criteria:

There are colleges in India for marine engineering that offer both undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Marine engineering. The criteria to take admission in these courses is moreover similar all over the world. Depending on the course, the candidate should fulfill the eligibility criteria as: 

  • Undergraduate (UG): A candidate must be 10+2 passed with at least 60% aggregate in major subjects that is Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM). 
  1. A 50% marks in English is also required in 10th/ 10+2 or Diploma course 
  2. Age should be between 18-25 years
  3. Medically fit
  • Postgraduate (PG): A candidate must be 10+2 passed from a recognized school.
  1. He should hold a BE or B.Tech in Mechanical/Marine Engineering from a recognized university with 50% aggregate. 
  2. An aggregate of 60% in English is expected in either 10th or 10+2 with fluency in written and spoken English. 
  3. Age shouldn’t be more than 28 years.
  4. Medically fit with eyesight power not more than +2.5
  • Diploma Course Criteria: A candidate must be 10+2 passed with 55% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM), and English as their compulsory subjects. 
  1. Age shouldn’t be above 28 years. 
  2. Medically fit
  • Medical Fitness Criteria: Along with the course criteria, there are some medical fitness requirements that will make the candidate eligible to take up the marine engineering course. These criteria’s are:
  1. Fitness of hearing and eyesight
  2. A normal vision of 6/6 should be there in each eye of the candidate
  3. Candidate should hold a certificate of being medically fit by the authorized bodies. 

Other skill required:

To be a successful Marine engineer, the candidate should also possess a certain skill set that will help them optimally perform. Some of these skill sets are:

  • Good communication skill
  • CAD/CAM designing skill
  • Excellent in IT, Technical knowledge, and Mathematics
  • Good negotiation skill
  • Team and Time Management skill
  • Know-how of Problem-solving skil

Entrance Exams and process of selection: 

Admission to renowned colleges in India happens mainly based on the entrance exams like IMU-CET for UG and GATE for PG, however, there are few reputed institutes like International Maritime Institute (IMI) that qualify the candidates based on the merit marks. Post application processing, the candidate has to undergo a pre-screening test followed by a personal interview and medical examination. 

Marine Engineer career scope: 

After completing the marine engineering course, the candidate can expect lucrative job opportunities in various public and private shipping firms. Depending on the qualification and experience, one can expect positions like Chief Engineer, Chief Electric Tech Engineer, Second/Third/Fourth Engineer, Junior Fifth Engineer, Watch Keeping Engineer Officer, Chief Engineer, Navy Personnel, Maintenance Engineer, Chief Security Officer, etc. These high-in-demand jobs can be expected in sectors like:

  • Navy
  • Engine production firms
  • Shipbuilding and designing firms
  • Research organizations
  • Oil and gas industry

With the increasing demand in the marine industry, Marine Engineers have gained high value over the years as they are the skilled professional that works as a connection between a ship captain and shore personnel for the safety of the ship by imparting their crucial services. Hence, if you have a fascination for the ocean and water and are planning to take up the course, keeping the above details in mind will help you get admission to one of the best colleges in India. 

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