No Stopping for Beauty Influencers in the Pandemic


Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The year 2020 is one that has given us teaching with its hard side. With a pandemic raging all over the world and confining people within the four walls, this very year is a tough and unprecedented one. From the world leaders to the businessmen, everyone has faced a situation that has put them in front of a challenge that has no record about how to deal with. When countries were in big trouble handling the body of deceased citizens and medical workers, the economy was also taking a backseat. In such a situation, everything and everyone has faced a backward walking situation with the economy getting weaker. But as humanity finds ways to deal with it and needs ways to return to the normal, especially the new normal, so do businesses.  But Covid-19 has changed the whole situation. Things are no longer the same for people who breathe through masks these days. With the changes in the whole world, we have found ways to deal with everything differently. Rather than going out, most of us confined ourselves within the houses getting most of our jobs done through the internet. As the use of mobile phones has increased, businesses and facilities have also found ways to make their presence felt through the internet more than the pre-Covid-19 days. The industry dealing with fashion and beauty has also faced the wrath of the pandemic.

But the companies have found a way to market their products and brands through the influencers who have become the muse for both the businesses and the consumers.

No red carpets and stars

Near about, for the whole year, the industry was nearly shut down to stop the spreading of the virus. Major events were cancelled due to safety reasons and government regulations. On the red carpets, stars walk wearing beautiful dresses and makeup products. Media and fashion magazines would scan through all the details giving us the products to look for. This was an excellent way for brands to market their products. But as this year it was only the virus walking the carpets, the businesses took a backseat. Introducing new brands and accepting the items to the prospective consumers got tougher than ever. That is why the number of beauty brands looking for influencers has increased. The influencers who have already created a significant consumer base are now becoming part of the marketing strategy, and this stint has proven to be a successful one even during this ongoing pandemic.

The direct connection of the influencers and pubic

The influencers have worked hard for years to reach the spots they now have achieved. They started from scratch and made it to the top. They are closer to the public through their online contents than the stars have ever been. In fact, to remain active and in the field, the influencers upload their contents regularly getting closer to the people who watch them. They often interact with people through online video chat and talk about different things, including brands when they sign up with them. Choosing influencers is easier, depending on the type of content you want to work on. Many longtime companies have chosen this format, and new brands are also trying to make their mark. While spending on influencers was only $2 billion in 2017, it is expected to be $15 billion in 2022 with big companies spending a considerable percentage of their marketing amount on influencers. The pandemic and dependence on the digital format have made this possible. 

Influencers are reliable than the ads by the company

Hard but it is true. Today with the popularity of various social media platforms, most of the consumers turn to online platforms to learn about new products and all about these. The claim made by the company through the ads they shoot for TV and online platforms are faring comparatively low when compared to the reliability of the influencers. Survey has found that the ads by the companies are followed by only 44 percent while the celebrities ranked only 34 percent being the lowest. At the same time, the percentage of social media influencers is highest at 67 percentages. The popularity of social media platforms also varies. Instagram was the most popular as it is followed by 82 % people and Facebook ranked to be the second one, with 77 % of people following it. YouTube was the third one to rank with 59 % of people following it daily. Many of them turn to YouTube for long videos of makeup tutorials. 

Many influencers clearly state their engagement with a certain brand. Many of them do not hesitate to show their bare skin before the tutorial. Many trust them for they can choose people with their skin tone and hence the proper products to choose. The influencers are creating a bond that is providing the benefits to both the businesses and consumers. 

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