5 non-technical skills you need to survive

non-technical skills

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There are two types of skills. One is technical skills which refer to the skills that relate to your job and the other is non-technical skills that do not relate to your specific job. An individual should focus on both types of skills, but most people do not understand such things and always focus on their technical skills.

Although, technical skills are also important for a job or any type of business, whenever you go for any type of interview or deal with any client for your business, your other skills will be judged also including communication, management, etc.

However, there are numerous non-technical abilities that you should enhance, but the most crucial talents that you will use regularly are listed below.

Non-technical skills that you need to know

Here are some of the important technical skills that everyone should adopt in order to survive.

Communication skills

Having good communication skills is one of the most important traits for people for any type of position. Sometimes, even your communication skills will help you to move further even if you don’t have any technical skills.

Sometimes, even if you have very good technical skills, but have poor communication skills lead to missed information and misunderstanding. It will not only waste your time, but it will also waste others’ time because you won’t be able to represent anything in a better way due to a lack of communication skills.

How to improve communication skills

  • Listen more and more
  • Read more
  • Communicate more with your colleagues or friends
  • Should know about body language because body language matters a lot

Management skills

This is one of the most important skills which everyone should adopt no matter if you are in student life or professional life. Having good management skills will not only help you complete your important tasks, but it will help you to save your time in which you can also relax or can complete unnecessary tasks.

In a student’s life, it is very important to schedule everything because the number of assignments or tasks students get, can only be completed properly when they work according to the schedule.

Therefore, to meet your deadlines, you must have solid management skills. This is the reason, students even get tasks like dissertation in which they can grow their management skills because dissertation requires a lot of management skills. Otherwise, a student might need any dissertation writing help UK or US-based service for their dissertation.

Although it is a very difficult skill to learn, because sometimes to enhance this skill you will have to sacrifice your favorite daily activities, breaking the bad habits, etc. but you can set them once a week or totally it depends upon you how you set them.

To make a proper schedule, you must have to:

  • Note down all the daily activities
  • Make a separate list of necessary and unnecessary tasks
  • Prioritize the important tasks
  • Break down the tasks into parts so you can focus clearly.

Remember, a schedule helps you make the deadline for yourself so that you can meet deadlines for your tasks (TDH, 2022).

Problem-solving skill

There is not any specific time for occurring any type of problem. It can occur anywhere at any time. Sometimes, a problem occurs that you can’t even ignore, yet is important to solve. Most probably such happens at the time of job. Therefore, it is very important to know how to face every problem even it is related to your study, job, or any personal problem.

However, sometimes it becomes impossible to solve any problem. So, don’t be afraid and learn something about the problem you have made because opportunities and discoveries often arise from problems. Make sure, you don’t repeat the same problem next time. if you do so, it means you are not going to learn anything.


Have you ever encountered someone who makes excuses but represents themselves in such a manner that the audience believes them? It can only happen if you have excellent communication and storytelling abilities. This storytelling ability not only assists you in making excuses but also assists you in presenting your thoughts in such a way that they appear to be true stories.

From defining a customer journey to developing user workflows that drive desired behavior, storytelling can be found in every creative role. Even, in a student’s life, it is very important to have because tasks like dissertation require a lot of storytelling skills to engage the reader. Most students even Buy dissertation UK or US formatted because they don’t know how to tell a story in a better way.

Always remember, if you have good skill in storytelling then you can even represent a bad story in a much better way and can engage your listener.

Leadership skill

A leader can be defined as a person who can lead a group, organization, or country. However, Leadership skill is a skill in which you have to lead a team or a group. Although, it seems an easy skill which everyone can learn, but it is one of the most difficult skills because to become a good leader you must have to improve your other skills, including:

  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Planning and delivery skills
  • Innovation skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Problem-solving skill

Leaders become leaders because people love their work, and they want to follow them. It means the leader can become a leader at their home, school, friends circle, or any other place. Remember, many people can become a leader, but there is a difference between a leader and a good leader. A good leader acquires all the above skills and qualities such enthusiasm, integrity, toughness, fairness, warmth, confidence and many more (Adair, John Eric, 2007).

Final thoughts

Technical and non-technical skills are very useful to have in an individual’s life. No matter what type of technical skills you are acquiring, it is very important to have non-technical skills because these skills are somehow a path to survive.

In this article, you will get to know about all those important non-technical skills that will help you to survive in a better way.


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