Paint Design Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Property In 2023

Paint Design Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Property In 2022
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If you are looking for a significant change in your home what’s better than painting your walls to match your style and bringing in a new flavour to your house. C&S Decorators make the painting and decorating process as seamless as possible. They are punctual, courteous and have over 40 years of experience hence they are also reliable when it comes to painters and decorators in Adelaide

This pandemic has taught us that having a space that caters to our lifestyle and choices creates a peaceful environment and helps us get through our hard days efficiently. Textures and forms also play an essential part in paint designing as they reflect your unique personality For example, adding greens and yellow pastels can make you feel fresh without actually stepping out of your comfortable home.

Here are some paint ideas to make the most of your property in 2022

Traditional exposed brick design

Although many would consider this as an obsolete trend, a perfect classic bricked wall design gives an inviting vibe and they complement well with any kind of interior that you may have. You can also add some hanging plants just to make it look more lively. This gives a cottage style urban loft feeling to most modern homes and makes them look more welcoming. 

Play with Pastels

When choosing a room colour, my go-to shades are pastels. They are safe and the effortlessness and the ease that they offer give your room a very elegant and classy look. They go well with minimalist furniture and can be patted with bronze colour or nude colour curtains. Different pastels can also be mixed to get the perfect shade. C&S Decorators also guide how to play with colour by combining the pastels. 

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Geometric Shapes

Although this may sound a little out of the box, in the last few years this style of paint design is becoming quite famous. The imbalanced mix of lively colours and geometric patterns brings a joyful element to the room. This mystifying arrangement can also be experimented with in various colours. For example, you can pair royal blue wall paint with chaotic golden colour hexagons. This combination will bring out a royal look.

Textured Wall paint

If you are looking for a replacement for wallpapers, textured wall painting is your thing. This hides all the flaws of the room and wings a perfect choice of colours it can act wonders. It can be applied with a variety of tools and the tools are getting more innovative every year. This is a new trend to cover three walls in normal paint and one wall with textured wall paint.


Although it may be a little confusing on which colours bring out the true essence of your personality, it is extremely easy to find out which are the colours and paint designs may be liked by all your guests. The above ideas may come in handy.