Painting versus wallpapering. Which one should you choose

Painting versus wallpapering. Which one should you choose

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The walls of your rooms can change and transform your place with either painting or wallpapering. A dramatic space can be made to look soft, while it can make a big room feel cozy with darker paint or wallpaper. However, which one should you go with? Here are some factors you must be aware of when deciding whether to opt for wallpapering or painting.

The wall

Opsætning af tapet can be a very tedious task. It will require the right tools and patience to be effective. Stripping wallpaper is usually done with stripping tools and chemicals, but it can damage the walls if done improperly.

If you are painting a damaged wall, first, the wall needs to be prepped with fillers and primer. Only after that can it be painted. But painting process will require less preparation and time than the wallpapering.


Wallpapers are very durable and can sustain the wear and tear of kids. Most wallpapers are washable, and many varieties are scrubbable as well. But if the wallpaper is applied in high moisture regions like bathrooms and kitchens, wallpaper may get peeled away.

Painting is good for inexpensive and easy application. The high-gloss to semi-gloss paints are very durable and can retain a lot of hair and tear. If the wall gets scraped or damaged, the color can chip and will require repair and repainting.


Depending on the type of wallpaper you opt for, your expense will vary. On average, wallpaper is more expensive because you will need the paper, supplies and then you will have to get it installed by malerfirmaer. On the other hand, painting is much cheaper and will need very few supplies. You can even paint on your own if you wish to. In the case of wallpapers, you can choose to buy the wallpaper and stick it yourself. But if you buy good quality wallpaper, it is always wise to get a professional to do the job. Similarly, if you go with high-end paint finishes, you will have to get help from professionals in the case of paint.

A combination of both

Since it cannot apply wallpapers to areas like the kitchen and bathrooms where the high moisture will have the wallpaper losing its adhesiveness, the best option Is to opt for a combination of painting and wallpapering. You can get your house wallpapered at some places and painted at other sites. 

Alternatively, you can also go for printable wallpapers. In paintable wallpapers, the wallpapers come in adhesive squares or rolls. After a textured wallpaper is applied to the wall, it can either be left bare or painted. Paintable wallpaper gives you the benefit of both paintings as well as wallpaper.

Whether you go for painting or wallpapering, your home’s character will emanate from will depend on your choices. If you want the appeal of both image and wallpapering, opt for the combination of the two, or you can try paintable wallpaper.