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Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows may be created by using an application called a “PDF to PPT converter.” To prevent the hassle of retyping and receiving editable slides immediately from scanning PDFs, you may change the documents to PowerPoint to retrieve the textual information.

There seems to be a requirement to get the finest PDF converters for presentation, which can manage this duty completely for this procedure to succeed. There is no question that several applications have been developed to meet this demand, but you have just the finest one of these for a thorough conversion of PDF to PPTX. In order to assist you in creating interactive presentations from any PDF file, we’ve made several resources available to you, both online and off.

3 Best PDF to PPT Converter


One of the best in the business, the converter 2pdf.com is compatible with all operating systems and browsers. The ability to split PDF files, rotate, connect, and convert is available without the need to download and install additional software. The PDF format allows you to convert photos, files and worksheets to PDF format and vice versa. The conversion software may convert from PDF to more than 120 different ways at the same time.

To understand how to convert a PDF file to PPT, simply start by dragging your PDF file into the page and pick the activities you wish to execute on it. You may transform your PDF document to another format, lower the size of the PDF document, combine numerous PDF files into a single file, or divide the PDF file into many smaller ones. All services are free and operate entirely online; there is no need to download or install something on the system to use this tool.

The PDF converter may be used from any location where there is an Internet connection. The converting procedure takes place online and does not use any of the computer or mobile device features to complete.

  • Excellent functionality 
  • User-friendly interface
  • So many functions to choose from
  • Struggle with complex PDF converter

Soda PDF

To create Soda PDF, we started with the thought that changing PDF files into PowerPoint presentations shouldn’t be a time-consuming and complicated procedure. The conversion of just about any PDF file, whether original or imported, into a readable Microsoft Office version such as PPTX, is thus a piece of cake in comparison.

Regardless of whether you choose offline or online usage, you will have access to all of the required tools that are available. Soda PDF’s simplicity of use and effectiveness are its half-siblings, and the tool elevates productiveness to an entirely different level.

Furthermore, the excellent pre-installed OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool eliminates the need to manually retype information from scanning PDFs; it allows you to easily retrieve textual information from scanned PDFs and start re-using it in PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, several PDFs may be converted into slideshows with a simple push of a button, sparing you both time and work in the process.

  • It comes with a good user interface
  • Keeps your data protected 
  • Easy process for converting PDF to PPT
  • Somewhat complicated registration 


Among the most effective PDF to PowerPoint, converters is VancePDF, which is distinguished by the reality that it can transform PDF to PowerPoint without compromising the performance of the PDF documents. Its powerful pre-installed OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology eliminates the need to manually retype material from scanned PDFs, which is an added bonus. 

As a result, you may rapidly convert from PDF to PPT using a straightforward interface that is designed to be user-friendly even for first-time users. VancePDF additionally saves you a significant amount of time with its quick and effective PDF to PPT conversion whilst still allowing you to do bulk conversions.

  • A rich OCR tool
  • Free to use
  • High-speed conversions
  • More and deeper tools are needed

Instead of these PDF to PPT converter you can also use render PDF.

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