Planning Home Automation At A Budget? Check Out This List!

Planning Home Automation At A Budget? Check Out This List!
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Home automation helps eliminate repetitive and monotonous household chores. The primary purpose of home automation is to make life easier. If you are planning to shift to automated home appliances, at first it may seem a little intimidating, and gigantic price tags may scare you but recognizing your needs and knowing to verify the right things will help you save time and money. As this industry grows, the price will keep on reducing, making it available to every household. 

Smart Automation Designs understand your passion for sophisticated designs and they also guide you on exactly which smart technology you need at your home based on your lifestyle and preference. When you think about intercoms in Adelaide, security and the preferred designs are taken care of by Smart Automated Designs. Smart Automation Designs has been installing intercoms in Adelaide for around 30 years now.  

Here are some of the appliances that make your home smarter but within a budget:

Motion Sensor

Most houses have already adapted to this and it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore. The main purpose of this appliance is to protect against any intrusion in your home. Any unwanted moment is detected in the radar and sends out a call or notification as per your setting and you can also tailor it to the blinking lights of your front porch to avoid any unwanted danger.

Smart Bulbs

This is the most inexpensive home automation appliance. Wherever you go you can find smart bulbs everywhere. They are energy-saving and reduce your electricity bills. There are varieties of smart bulbs. My favorite is a multi-color smart bulb where you can choose the color of the bulb as per your desire. 


This is a must when it comes to home security. This releases an extensive noise or siren when it detects an intrusion in the house. Cloud-based alarms come in handy as they can be triggered from any location you are in.

Smart Door Locks

Don’t we all come halfway trying to remember if we locked the doors? Or haven’t we all at least once faced the disaster of losing a key? Smart Door Locks are here to solve both problems. Smart locks can be controlled with your mobile phones and you can easily check the status in your phones and change it. Although some people may find this appliance a little on the expensive side.

Virtual Personal Assistants

When it comes to smart automated home appliances how can we forget virtual personal assistants who have made our life so much easier? You can talk to Amazon Echo and get things done and control all other smart appliances with help of this. 

Security Cameras

They are everywhere and they should be. We live in a world where mishaps happen in a blink of an eye. Security Cameras prevent them. 


Smart Home Automation should be user-friendly, self-operating devices by which you can control the entire environment of your house at your fingertips. The above list provides some budget-friendly appliances.

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