Plunderer Season 2 Release Date: What Is the Expected Release Date?


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This article provides all the interesting details about the characters and the expected release date of plunderer season 2. Just keep reading!

Introduction to Plunderer:

Introduction to Plunderer

It is a Japanese drama series or, more commonly referred to, a season. All the characters in this season are animated. It can be classified as an anime show. Japanese people love animated shows, so it is a very popular season in Japan. Anime lovers are cosmopolitan in distribution, i.e., they are found and present all over the world. Most kids love the anime characters, but the first season of the Plunderer was an enormous hit among kids as well as adults. The Plunderer season 2 release date is eagerly anticipated.

What are animated characters?

Animated characters are cartooned versions of humans. Real humans give the voice-over to these animated characters, but their voices are a bit auto-tuned to sound animated. Animated characters are also called actors with a pencil.

Characters of Plunderer:

All the characters of Plunderer are animated. The main characters, their personality, and their appearances are described below:

1.     Lichtbach:

Despite being mysterious and unpredictable, he is a fascinating character. He tries to hide his identity that he is a Baron, but the audience often notices his powers. Girls do not like him because of his rude behavior towards them. His way of talking and attitude is often considered mischievous and shamelessly perverted. He has a murderer instinct too. He loves to bloodshed his enemies.

2.     Sakai Tokikaze:

He is the half-brother of Licht. Hina is a character that will later be discussed in the article. Tokikaze is her biological father. He has black hair and blue eyes and loves wearing a black uniform and a white coat. He is entitled as King of Abyss in the series. There are seven legendary barons in the series. He is one of them. His title is Blink Baron.

3.     Hina Farrow:

Hina is a stylish girl who loves to experiment with her hair. She has short hair with bangs and has dyed her hair aqua blue, purple, and finally pink. She has blue eyes, which are not clearly visible due to her long bangs. Her costume is a pink button-up shirt, a black hat, and a flat brim with a red ribbon. She does not understand the evil behavior of the world because she was raised in an environment full of love and compassion. So, She cannot face any type of cruelty. And she loves to do things with utmost love and devotion but gets frustrated easily if something goes out of her way. She is sensitive, and she accepts it.

4.     Schmelman Bach:

He was an instructor. He served at the 13th Special Military Forces School about 300 years ago. As it turned out, he lied about his services and claimed to be someone different. He is considered a calm character, but the story turns interesting when he brutally kills his mothers, revealing that the person seen in the present is not the Schmelman we saw 300 years ago. He is a clone of that person created by another character in the series, named Firenda.

5.     Gespenst Zerlegen:

He has a beautiful combination of light brown hair and green eyes. He is in the military and loves to prank his superior officers. He always wears a military uniform and a white headband. He pretended to be a subordinate, but later it was revealed that he was the Colonel-General of the Special Service. Then he showed his natural face, which was very cruel and violent. He once tried to kill his colleague because he dislikeds and attitude.

6.     Tsukino Farrow:

She is the wife of Sakai and the mother of Hina. She is a beautiful lady with blue wavy hair and purple eyes. She was the friend of both brothers, and once, she tried to cause a dispute between them. Licht found out that she was the person who tried to make them fight, and he attacked her. She was pregnant and had a severe injury. They preserved her body for 300 years, and then they restricted her.

7.     Nana Bassler:

She is the only female of the seven legendary barons. She has the title of Insight Baron. She is a beautiful woman with tanned skin, purple eyes, and silver-banged hair. She was fond of stuffed toys and cute things. Her room was beautifully decorated. She used to wear cute clothes and tied her hair in braids, but she started wearing revealing clothes when she grew up and cut her hair short. As she grew older, she started wearing gold bangles. Her costume is a button-down white shirt. She has a fake tattoo saying 77 on her left breast. She is the owner of a mobile bar, but her attitude matches the level of a highly professional businesswoman.

8.     Friends:

She has the most beautiful hair compared to all the other characters of the plunderer series. Her pink hair is combed into a ponytail and reaches her ankles. She also has small bangs, wears a military uniform that looks beautiful on her, and has blue eyes that are closed almost all the time except for some moments. She has a beautiful mark on the bottom right side of her beautiful body.

What is the expected release date of season 2 of Plunderer?

The first season of Plunderer was broadcasted from January 8, 2020, to June 24, 2020. The expected release date of season 2 was January 2021. Fans became very upset about the delayed release. But there is still no news about the release of season 2. By seeing the story, we can predict that there will be a season 2, but the shooting has not yet started due to the pandemic.

There are mixed reviews from critics and fans for the series; it is neither a superhit nor a flop. Even so, there are more positive reviews among mixed ones. Due to the responsiveness factor, we believe it’s out of the question that the series will be canceled.

Assuming the renewal season will premiere in 2021, it will have been released already. Despite this, we are near the end of 2022, and nothing has been released, which may indicate that season 2 is uncertain or may be released in 2023. Due to the worldwide pandemic, we may have experienced a delay.


The release date was expected to be in 2022, but it has not yet been released due to the pandemic. Shooting is not possible because everyone is locked in their houses due to the pandemic. The producers and directors of this series say they will start shooting as soon as the situation becomes appropriate. The characters’ story was not completed in season one, so season 2 of Plunderer will be released in 2023 to complete the story.

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Where can I watch Plunderer?

It was broadcasted on Tokyo MX, KBS, TVA, SUN, BS11, and AT-X. 

In which language is Plunderer available?

Although the show is primarily shot in Japanese, an English-dubbed version can be viewed online.

Is this series available on Netflix?

No, this series is not available on US Netflix.

How many episodes of Plunderer are there?

There are a total of 24 episodes of Plunderer released so far.

Is this series worth watching?

If your favorite character is Hina, you will love the series. 

Who is the most powerful character in Plunderer?

Schmelman Bach is the most robust character in the Plunderer series.

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