Should You DIY Pool Maintenance or Hire a Pro

DIY Pool Maintenance

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Pools are a considerable investment, so you might need to make sure you maintain them so you can enjoy them for years. Routine upkeep is essential in keeping your pool clean and avoiding long-term damage. There are pros and cons to hiring a professional cleaning company and attempting DIY pool maintenance. When it’s time to choose whether to do it yourself or hire a pro, consider the quality, costs, time, and effort.

Read on to learn more about how these factors might impact your decision.

Learning the Cleaning Process

How much time should you spend keeping your swimming pool clean weekly? Do you have the chemicals and pool equipment available? These chores can take hours if completed by you.

Clearing debris and keeping the proper water level are surface problems. Swimming pool maintenance runs far deeper, so you must complete a range of tasks every week if you want a crystal clear pool.

These tasks include:

  • Polish ladders and handrails
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Correct chemistry and test water 
  • Brush the tile line, walls, and floor
  • Clean out trap baskets
  • Backwash filter

A pool maintenance professional has the tools and expertise on hand. But if you don’t mind tackling these tasks yourself, consider attempting DIY pool maintenance.

It could save you money and allow you to personalize the look of your pool and how it operates. Keep in mind, however, that DIY upkeep also takes more time.

You’ll need to set aside time each week to keep the pool looking clean and working well. Skip just one week, and you could wind up with some severe problems.

Also, if you run into an equipment breakdown, it can be more expensive to repair it yourself than the cost of hiring a pool maintenance service.

Quality Difference

The quality of cleaning and maintenance is something you have to consider when thinking about swimming pool maintenance. However, other factors like the professionalism of the company you hire and the tools you need to clean your pool can affect the outcomes.

Hiring a pool maintenance professional is a good option if you only know a little about how pools work and how to keep them clean. 

The pool pros have expertise on their side, and they also already have the gear needed to clean and maintain your pool. They even understand how to keep it functional and safe for your friends and family.

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Identifying Potential Issues

The benefit of hiring a pool maintenance service is that they know how to keep your pool safe and appealing to dive into. Pools can degenerate fast when maintenance is neglected.

They will assess the pool pump system, heater, lights, and other parts every visit. The team can troubleshoot possible issues, so they don’t become expensive repairs.

Don’t Neglect Pool Maintenance

Whether you opt to hire a pro or DIY, you and your guests will enjoy a well-maintained pool for parties, kids’ play dates, or just lounging around in the sun poolside.

Do your own weekly DIY pool maintenance if you want to save money and get in a workout. However, if you have plenty of time commitment and can’t handle the work, you can always hire a professional.

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