Top Prominent Choices of Calacatta Marble Tiles

Top Prominent Choices of Calacatta Marble Tiles

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Calacatta has a specific texture and veining; it is medium-grain, translucent marble with black spots and golden highlights. Furthermore, the Calacatta Marble is a white statuary marble with veins or spots of delicate gold color (golden calcite), bright golden orange (cuprite), and red-brown shades (vausite). Calacatta Gold Marble has been prized for centuries because of its unique properties.

Calcutta Gold Marbles have been available on the market for many years and have proved to be one of the most popular choices. The latest Calacatta gold marble is a Calcite Marble that is typically white and with golden yellow veins running throughout the piece.

Calacatta Borghini marble tiles

Calacatta Borghini marble tiles are a stripy type of marble that has been used for centuries in interior design and architecture due to its beautiful coloration, which resembles the gold mined from a Calcutta mine. This natural stone tile comes in two different colors.

Furthermore, it reflects light differently depending on the angle at which light hits Calacatta Borghini marble is a creamy colored marble that is very popular with interior designers as it can be worked into many homes decorating styles.

Calacatta Oro marble tiles:

Calacatta Oro marble tiles are considered one of the best Calacatta marble tiles in the world. It is a variety of marble that was discovered in Calcutta, India. This marble is creamy white with a veining of grey and silver running through it to give a subtle shimmer.

The Calcutta Oro marble has been finished with a beautiful gloss polish, giving this fine stone tile an elegant sparkle.

Polished Luxury Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles for Flooring/Steps Design

Calacatta Gold marble tiles 

Rich Calacatta Gold marble is quarried and produced in Greece. Calacatta Gold marble has a creamy background with tinges of rust, brown veining. This Calacatta Gold Marble from Greece creates an aesthetic effect. Furthermore, it is the best choice in 2021. You can buy Calacatta Gold marble tiles from online.

Best Alternatives to Calacatta Marble Surfaces

Calacatta marble Michelangelo tiles:

Calacatta Michelangelo is a type of marble that’s been quarried in the Italian mountains for centuries. It was used to build the city of Florence and many other beautiful buildings and sculptures. It’s an excellent choice for modern homes that need something beautiful but simple.

The smooth texture allows you to incorporate it in many ways. If you’re looking for marble tiles, I suggest Calacatta Michelangelo because it’s gorgeous and comes in an array of colors.

Calacatta Extra marble tiles

It is Calacatta marble, used in famous buildings worldwide such as the Taj Mahal of India, Versailles Palace, and other historical architectures. Furthermore, Calacatta Extra is also being used in tiles. Calacatta Extra is a trendy marble because of its random veining.

The marble displays reds, greens, and yellows that look like they’re dancing all over the surface! One of the most beautiful marbles is Calacatta Extra. It’s marble with large and unpredictable patterns. It gives your house or business a unique feel.

How to clean Calacatta gold marble?

Avoid using any bleach, ammonium compounds, ferric sulfates such as steel wool, and acid-containing detergents. Granite Calacatta Gold manufacturers recommend using neutral soap or a mild detergent with water at room temperature to clean it. So, if you want to have a great looking garden, you should try putting some water on the surface of your stone.

Is calacatta gold marble expensive?

Calacatta Marble has been popularly used for flooring, wall cladding, and furniture because of its incredible beauty, elegance, and strength. Calacatta marble works great with Natural Stone Veneer as well as direct install on walls and floors.

The calacatta gold marble is expensive to buy available in high quality. You can buy this stone for 170 to 180 dollars per square foot. In addition, its price also depends on its size, style, and designs. Well, it is also available at an affordable price at Nesttile. This calacatta gold marble tile can easily make your home alluring and sophisticated.  

Why should you buy Calacatta gold marble tiles?

Calacatta gold marble tiles are usually seen as floor and wall tiles. Calacatta is a kind of marble from Italy that has a whitish-yellow to pale golden tint. During its introduction to the market, Calacatta marble became popular in Europe, especially in Italy, where it was used mainly as flooring for rich palaces as it is affordable.

  • The Calacatta Gold Marble is a semiprecious material that has even graced the floors.
  • Calacatta gold marble can be used in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Calacatta Gold Marble tile is available in different colors, including Calpis, Calcite and Rose Calcite, etc

Where can you buy Calacatta gold marble tiles?

It is the best tile for home decoration. If you live in the USA and want to buy this tile at affordable prices, I recommend you visit Nesttile online tile store. 


This article is explained, several top types of Calacatta marble and their traits. Furthermore, why you need to select Calacatta gold marble tiles is described in this article. Calacatta Gold Marbles are beautiful marble that has been available for many years and is one of the most popular choices. The color, pattern, and resistance should be considered when making your choice to ensure you get precisely what you want for your home.

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