Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Installations

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Installations
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Using solar energy to power houses is an excellent use of resources that has remained untapped by humans for a long time. The amount of energy that the sun provides, if used correctly, will nullify the use of any form of fossil fuels for energy requirements. Solar technology is improving every day, and companies like Allstate Solar are trying to provide customised solar solutions for every household in Adelaide. 

Like every other technology, solar energy harvesting also has advantages and disadvantages. Many things are still developing to make this solar energy company Adelaide process of electrical energy conversion more efficient. In this article, we will be looking at some of the key pros and cons of the solar energy harvesting process. 

Pros and Cons of Using Solar Energy:

Everything has its ups and downs; being aware of how a solar energy installation works and its pros and cons are significant. Following are some of its pros and cons, 


Reduced electricity bills – Using solar energy makes you fully or partially energy-dependent, significantly reducing electricity bills. The savings will be enough to pay off the solar installation. 

Government support – To encourage more and more people to adopt solar energy, the government is incentivising solar panel setups. This government approach significantly reduces the installation price and increases the number of households dependent on solar energy. 

Reduced carbon footprint – Solar energy is a clean form of energy that does not give off a lot of waste in exchange for the energy conversion process. This is of great importance for nature and the animal life on Earth. 

Low maintenance – Solar panels and the entire solar energy conversion setup are robust and consist of minimal moving parts. This makes it easy to maintain over a long period. 


High initial cost – The different parts of a solar panel setup are usually very high. Since the technology is relatively new and is slowly getting commercialised, we can expect the prices to become reasonable in the future. 

Weather dependant – Solar energy is received from the sun, so on cloudy or rainy days when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, there is no solar energy being produced, and houses have to depend on electricity from the grid. Hence the system does not provide complete energy independence. 

Inconvenience for city houses with small roof areas – Setting up the solar panels for maximum solar energy absorption requires many areas that are hard to get in cities. This can create problems in setting up a fully functional solar rooftop system. 

Permanent installation is difficult to move – Families that are constantly moving from one place to another can’t get a solar installation as they are permanent, and once they move to another part of the country, they have to get a new one that is not feasible. 


The above points will help you understand the entire solar installation and what to expect in years to come. If you need any help with installation, then Solar Company Adelaide will provide a customized solution for your needs.

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