Pyjamas For Woman: A Comprehensive Guide

Pyjamas have been in fashion since ancient times. Indian ladies regard pyjamas as a part of Indian culture

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Pyjamas have been in fashion since ancient times. Indian ladies regard pyjamas as a part of Indian culture and wear them on cultural occasions. No doubt, wearing a saree at cultural events beats all Indian attire. However, several ladies are not comfortable wearing a saree. Such ladies prefer wearing pyjamas. Do you know why? Pyjamas provide comfort that no Indian dress code can offer. Studies show that modern Indian ladies search for a pajama for woman online. You must be wondering that no attire can give you comfort as shorts, so why do they prefer pyjamas? Continue reading to learn the answer. 

No doubt, shorts are the most comfortable and fashionable attire. But, answer a question- If you can get comfort and look elegant by wearing a pyjama, why wear shorts? Does being fashionable mean that Indian people forget their rich Indian culture? Strange indeed- Isn’t it? Foreigners choose Indian attire over Western, such as shorts. But what do most Indian citizens do? If they can respect and love Indian culture, should not the Indians do it? But thankfully, several sensible Indian ladies, proud of reflecting their Indian culture, understand this and choose pyjamas over shorts. Nothing wrong is with wearing shorts, but wearing pyjamas showcases your respect for ethnicity.  

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Pyjamas Online?

The advent of e-commerce platforms has made it easy to buy your preferred outfit online from the convenience of your doorstep. It is hard to say how an Indian lady wants to style her pyjamas. For instance, some ladies prefer wearing it with Kurtas. However, some modern ladies wish to follow the Indo-Western dress code. They choose to wear a crop top with a pyjama. Hence, decide how you want to style your pyjamas. After deciding how to style it, you should follow some tips to buy the best piece online. Continue reading to discover what factors to consider when shopping for pyjamas online.

  • Fabric used- Remember that the prime reason for wearing a pyjama is to wear and feel comfortable. Hence, you should check the product description and research the fabric the designer has used for weaving a pyjama. Buy a pyjama in which the manufacturer has used cotton fabric. Do you know why? No other materials can provide you with comfort as cotton does. Suppose you are a working woman and work in a reputed firm that does not allow staff to wear modern attire like jeans or shorts. In addition, you need to travel within the city for official purposes. Answer- Which fabric will provide comfort? Cotton. Hence, select a pyjama in which the manufacturer has solely used cotton fabric.
  • Elastic– Elastic is crucial in providing comfort to a lady. Hence, research the Elastic quality of the pyjama. Order a pyjama that uses the best quality Elastic in the manufacturing process. In addition to providing comfort, high-quality elastic ensures durability. You will wash your pyjamas after wearing them- Will you not? Do you know that low-quality elastic gets destroyed easily? Wash it for two to three times, and you can spot the change. Shortly, you will notice that the elasticity has got loose. Hence, ensure that the manufacturer has used the best-quality elastic. 
  • Size– People have varying choices when choosing clothes. Some buyers prefer a stiff pyjama. On the contrary, sensible ladies prefer free-size pyjamas over stiff ones. Don’t worry- Whether you prefer a rigid or a free-sized pyjama, you will get one according to your preferences. However, you should select free-sized pyjamas. Do you know why? If you wear stiff pyjamas, you will feel uncomfortable, and it will cause itchiness and rashes. Though the final choice is yours, you should prefer free-sized pyjamas. In addition to providing comfort, it adds a touch of elegance. 
  • Consider purpose– Analyze for what purpose you need a pyjama. Do you need it for everyday wear? Or do you need a pyjama for wearing it in the office, or do you need a pyjama for special occasions? Remember that you will get pyjamas of all sorts- office wear, regular wear, and party wear. However, you must decide wisely and buy it. Suppose you need pyjamas for office wear and you buy them as if you are buying them to wear on special occasions. What impression will it leave in the eyes of your colleagues if you visit the office wearing heavy pyjamas meant for special events? 
  • Pocket– Several online buyers overlook pockets when looking for pyjamas online. Select a pyjama with pockets. Do you know why pockets matter in a pyjama? It is not easy to carry your valuables like a smartphone and wallet if you stay outdoors most of the time. However, in a pyjama with a pocket, you can keep your valuables like a mobile phone, money, etc. Hats off to the designers for their intelligence, who did not overlook the convenience of ladies. 
  • Sustainability– Dear ladies, isn’t the conversation of Mother Nature your responsibility? Do you know that several brands use inhumane means and cause harm to innocent creatures to make a piece look more fashionable? How can you accept that your wish to wear branded clothes has taken away the life of someone? For this reason, several online buyers research the sustainable practices the brand has used to design your clothes. Hence, if you focus on the sustainable practices the brand adopts, you play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of innocent living creatures. Think about it!


Since pyjama is the most comfortable ethnic apparel showcasing rich Indian culture, buyers look for stylish pajama for ladies. The advent of e-commerce platforms draws them to order pyjamas online. Since no other fabric can help you feel as comfortable as cotton, opt for pyjamas that solely is made of cotton fabric. Check if the manufacturer used the best-quality elastics to enhance durability. Choose free-sized pyjamas over stiffed pyjamas to get comfort. Analyze why you are getting the pyjama online- office wear, party wear, regular wear, etc. Select a pyjama with pockets so that you can carry your valuables. It is equally vital to regard factors like sustainability.