9 Questions to Ask Your House Painter

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Does your home need a fresh coat of paint? You don’t have to handle the task on your own! Instead, consider hiring a professional house painter for the job.

There are over 379,000 painters across the US, though. You’ll need to plan for vetting your options. Otherwise, you might choose someone who lacks the tools or experience for the job.

Here are nine questions to ask before hiring a painting contractor.

Knowing what to ask your house painter before hiring them can ensure an effective search. Otherwise, you might waste valuable time and energy asking the wrong questions.

Start your search for the best painting contractor around using these tips today.

1. How Long Have You Worked as a Painter?

Before hiring a contractor of any kind to work on your property, make sure you’re hiring someone with experience you can count on. 

After all, people learn from hands-on experience and time.

Ask each painter on your list how long they’ve worked as a painting contractor. Consider asking how long they’ve owned their own business, too. Over the years, they’ve likely gained the respect of other local homeowners.

Ask how many houses they’ve painted in that time.

If they’re new to the industry, they might lack the experience and know-how to complete the best possible job. They might make mistakes when working on your property, too. There’s even a risk that they don’t have the proper paperwork.

Instead, visit the company’s Better Business Bureau listing. You can check their listing to learn more about their professional history.

Try to choose a long-established business. An established business had time to work out kinks and issues with its operations. These teams will know how to work efficiently.

You can leverage their experience and expertise to ensure the best possible results for your home.

Choosing someone with years of experience will also give you peace of mind. You can feel confident in their abilities before they get started. 

2. Can I See Proof of Your Paperwork?

Remember, an inexperienced team might not have their paperwork in order. Before hiring a house painter, ask to see proof of their:

  • License
  • Bonding
  • Insurance

Most contractors have two types of insurance: comprehensive business liability and workers’ compensation.

Comprehensive business liability insurance will protect your home. If the painting contractor causes unintentional damage, you’re covered. They’ll handle the cost of any repairs.

Workers’ compensation insurance will protect you and the contractors who are working on your home. If someone is injured while working on your property, they can’t hold you responsible. The company will cover any medical bills and other expenses.

Finding a company with both forms of insurance will ensure you’re protected if there’s an incident.

Make sure the painter’s insurance policy is active before you hire them. 

Ask for proof that the company is licensed and meets the necessary qualifications, too. Before they get started, make sure their license covers residential properties. Some licenses are specific.

3. Is Your Team Trained?

First, make sure you determine who will end up working on your home. Then, determine if the team is trained. Asking the house painter about their team can give you confidence in their abilities as a unit.

For example, does the company complete training in-house? How often are employees required to complete training?

You can also ask the company if they remain up-to-date with industry trends. For example, do they use the latest materials, tools, and techniques? 

Finding a team of trained professionals will minimize the risk of costly mistakes. Instead, they’ll get the project done efficiently while ensuring the best results. 

4. Do You Hire Subcontractors?

As you learn more about the company’s team, ask if they hire subcontractors or employees.

Subcontractors might not receive training. There’s a chance they’re not covered by the company’s insurance, too.

Remember, you’ll want to confirm who will work on your property before they get started. Ask the company if they run background checks before hiring subcontractors. Doing your due diligence can give you peace of mind. 

5. What Tools and Materials Do You Use?

Take the time to ask the house painter about the materials they use as well.

The type of paint they use can impact how your home looks. It could impact how long the paint lasts as well. In some cases, you might want a specialized coating for different applications.

Make sure the painter uses high-quality paints when working on your home. Ask about the lifespan of the paint, too.

If the company uses cheap materials, take your business elsewhere. 

6. Can I Speak With Your Recent Clients?

Ask each painting contract for references and reviews. Speaking with their recent clients can help you learn more about each team. You can find a local house painter other homeowners know and trust.

Otherwise, head online. Visit the company’s BBB and Google My Business listing to read customer reviews.

If negative comments outweigh their positive, glowing reviews, look elsewhere.

7. Do You Have a Safety Program?

Ask the company if they offer their team safety training. Painters insurance isn’t always enough. A trained team is less likely to have an accident in the first place. 

Otherwise, an incident could impact how long it takes for the team to finish working on your home. 

8. How Long Will It Take?

Talk to at least three house painters on your list about the scope of your project. Then, ask how long it will take. Are they able to accomplish your deadline?

Consider how many other homes they’re working on at the moment, too. If they’re busy, it might take a while before they can start.

Choose a team that can meet your expectations instead. 

9. How Much Will It Cost?

Painters make about $40,280. The cost of their services can vary based on the materials, time of year, and size of the project. For example, you might need a quote for interior versus exterior painting.

You can find exterior painting services you can count on here. Otherwise, gather quotes from at least three local painting contractors.

Make sure you know what’s included in their quote. Ask if they offer a warranty before they get started, too. 

A Fresh Coat: 9 Questions to Ask a House Painter Before Hiring Them

Don’t rush to hire the first house painter you speak with. Instead, know what to ask your house painter before they get started. Asking these questions can help you determine if they’re the right fit. 

Finding an experienced, qualified team will give you peace of mind. 

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