Could Raheem Sterling be the signing of the season?

Could Raheem Sterling be the signing of the season?

Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

The English Premier League is the biggest football competition in the world and it can attract many players from all over the world. However, the signing of the season could be between two sides in the Premier League and involving an England international. The signing of Raheem Sterling is the first signing of the new Chelsea era post Roman Abramovich but in Abramovich style it is one that has stood out dramatically.

The transfer

There had been speculation surrounding Sterling and his future with the English champions, Manchester City, ever since the signing of Jack Grealish from Aston Villa last summer. However, many thought they could not possibly let Sterling go who has brought much success to City yet here we are.

The fee that has been agreed between the two clubs is actually £1 million more than what City paid for the England forward in 2015 when they signed him from Premier League rivals Liverpool. Sterling is no stranger to transferring between clubs in the Premier League but this time feels a lot less acrimonious than previously.

The 27 year old has signed a five year deal with the London club.

Was Sterling dipping in quality?

At just 27 years of age he is very much in the peak of his career and that was evident during the delayed European Championships as he helped fire England to the final. But saying that Pep Guardiola’s rotation policy has seen Sterling become frustrated like people who do not use the best automated trading platforms.

Whilst at City, Sterling scored 131 goals in 339 games, winning four Premier League titles but last season saw his time limited despite still scoring goals.Yet there were many grumblings off the pitch that suggested he was no longer the man for Manchester City with the club regarding Grealish and Phil Foden as the future. With the addition of Erling Haaland to play as the main striker then Sterling would find his time limited even more.

Last season Sterling scored 17 goals across all competitions and his form was recognised in December when he won player of the month. Could this be a transfer City regret?

Big signings between clubs

Sterling’s transfer is reminiscent of many other big transfers between the top Premier League clubs which could be a good omen or spell disaster.

Transfers that standout are Robin van Persie to Manchester United from Arsenal or Andy Cole to Manchester United from Newcastle United where the player changed how a club played.

However, they could be as disastrous as Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United from Arsenal or Fernando Torres to Chelsea from Liverpool where they were ridiculed.

Yet the signs suggest that Sterling is nowhere near done with his Premier League career and he will be working even harder to progress in the Premier League 100 club with his eyes firmly set on overtaking Emile Heskey, Dion Dublin, Sadio Mane and Ian Wright.

With huge signings being made by clubs who are hoping their player is Premier League ready. Chelsea have just purchased a ready made one who has won the thing several times!