Reputation SOS: Can You Remove Negative Online Reviews?

Negative Online Reviews
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Did you know that 94% of consumers say that online reviews have convinced them to avoid certain businesses? In today’s world, online reviews can make or break your business. And if you have some negative ones up, you might be sweating!

Your reputation’s on the line here. So can you remove negative online business reviews? And if so, how?

We’ll answer your questions in this article!

Can You Remove Negative Online Reviews?

On most platforms, they’ll allow you to flag or report reviews. However, you must have good reason to.

If the person has a legitimate complaint about how you’ve served them, then you’re most likely out of luck. But if their review is in violation of the platform’s terms of service, then you stand a good chance of removal. So review the policies on the review website to see if you can catch the reviewer out.

How Can You Remove Negative Online Reviews?

We just mentioned above that you can flag reviews on the platform itself to get them removed. But what if there’s no violation and they deem it ok to leave up?

In this case, you can turn to online reputation managers. These are professionals who have helped numerous other clients remove negative online reviews, which can massively improve their reputation.

Some are so good that they can even offer guaranteed removals. Not only can they guarantee this service, but it’s usually swift as well. So if you’re worried about some negative reviews marring your reputation, all you have to do is pay a fee and get these damaging reviews scrubbed from your profile!

Not All Negative Reviews Are Bad

In the odd case where you just can’t remove your negative reviews, or don’t want to pay a professional to do so for you, you can always flip it around in your favor.

Consumers understand that there’s just no pleasing everyone. They know that even the best businesses will have negative reviews from irrational customers.

So they’ll be watching to see how you respond. If you’re able to interact with unhappy customers in a calm, courteous, and constructive way, this can actually help attract more customers to your business! They’ll see that you take care to rectify situations and treat customers with respect.

So you can definitely take a lemon and make lemonade out of it here!

Manage Your Online Reputation Wisely

Negative online reviews can really hurt your business. So read through review platform terms of service; with this knowledge, you’ll be able to get bad reviews taken off of your profile.

Otherwise, you can turn to online reputation managers who can do the work for you. And in some cases, you can just roll with the punches and show consumers that you have what it takes to turn a negative thing into a positive!

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